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  Google and other delete cnnic root certificate reasons cnnic certificate revocation, is the Egyptian mcsholding company using CNNIC issued a certificate for multiple domain name issued a false certificate. Translation over the words, is the CNNIC certificate was revoked because of fraud, Google announced no longer trust the domestic CNNIC certificate! Finally cnnic Certificate revocation, Google said that 5 years ago Mozilla on the security of Cnnic discussed, and finally decided to hurt the killer. Google said it was reported that Google claimed to have found a large number of fake certificates, so that the user's security information will be seriously threatened.

  Effects of removing cnnic root certificates

At present, Mozilla, Chrome Web site has officially deleted cnnic root certificate, will be very likely to be vulnerable to vulnerabilities. Please note that using this browser to browse, you need to pay attention to the safety of the site, do not randomly login or carry out funds transactions.

In addition, some domestic websites have already started using CNNIC certificate, such as 163 mailbox, after removing the certificate, the browser will give a certificate security warning when visiting the website, you only need to add a security exception . If you do not understand the above, it is recommended that you do not change at will, change the browser or do not visit foreign websites.

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