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1. Supports two languages: Java and python.

2. I am using Java, it should be noted that currently only supports eclipse3.3 and 3.4, if you are using eclipse3.5, there is no corresponding Google plug-in can be used, plug-in installation method can log on to the

3. Simple to use, you only need to follow the regular JavaProgramDesign Method for web program development, and then use Google plug-in to upload, upload method reference
Note that each Uploader must have a Google account, and each account can only upload 10 programs for free. The program size is also limited, in addition, each uploaded program requires an application ID. To apply for this ID, you must first ensure that you have a mobile phone. This ID is sent to you through SMS, no matter which country you are from (strong ).

4. After uploading, you can use http: // www
. Your application name is learn more, visit
(I used it for my experiments ).

5. You can use Google's application server to develop powerful enough programs, especially those that require powerful computing, without the need for hardware or configuration.

6. Its data persistence is also very special. It performs a comprehensive query of everything, and its operations are much simpler than relational databases, basically being object-oriented.



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