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Google has launched a feature called the local merchant center, which is officially introduced by Google. This feature allows you to easily rank your website keywords first in the search results, in addition, there are map navigation, contact information, and other content. Their graphic effects are quite attractive and more attractive than other ranking positions. However, these words can only be confined to their own local keywords, such: qingdao website optimization, Shanghai Website production, Beijing Hotel, etc. For example, the search results of one of my websites are as follows:
I believe everyone will be very satisfied with this effect. I will describe how to use the features of local merchants here.

1. log onto Google's local merchant center website (, register a Google management account, if you have registered, you can directly log on.

2. After logon, the system will automatically go to the content adding page of the local merchant center. Please follow the steps to enter: required information> Category> business hours and Payment Methods> photos> Custom> verification.

3. After entering all the information, the local merchant center management page is automatically displayed. Click "verify by email". Google will send a verification letter based on the company address you entered, the letter contains a personal identification number.

4. According to different regions, it is estimated that Google Mail will be received within two to three weeks, after receiving the letter, enter "Personal Identification Number" in the text box of the corresponding website of the local merchant management center, and click "OK" to complete the verification.

5. After verification, Google will update your data in the last few weeks to achieve the initial effect.

Pay attention to the following points during the configuration process:

1. When setting a company name, if you want to obtain a keyword you want, you should enter it in the name, preferably at the beginning.

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