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Bar code scanning is like a link that counts the information generated during each stage of a product's lifecycle in real time and tracks the entire process from production to delivery in real time, this allows enterprises to obtain the most accurate information in the fastest time, and make correct decisions in a favorable position in the fierce market competition.
Things flow smoothly. In the entire giant Haier manufacturing system, from raw materials entering the factory to finished products leaving the factory, behind this seemingly simple but methodical material circulation process, it is the bar code scanning technology, a dedicated and good manager, that silently supports the orderly operation of the entire process. Haier logistics adopts this full-process bar code management, the whole process from raw materials procurement by order, distribution by order, production by order to loading by order of finished products, and delivery by order is visually tracked.
1. Raw Material Receiving Scanning
When Haier parts suppliers deliver goods, the product's outer packaging is labeled with Haier logistics standard material labels, including the material number, delivery quantity, order number, supplier name, etc, in addition to numbers or letters, each type of content must also contain accurate bar code information, so that Haier logistics staff can scan the bar code information when receiving the goods, the Supplier delivery information can be transmitted to the ERP system in real time, and the goods can be received according to the purchase order. The scanning system is not only a simple record function, but also can automatically judge based on the ERP purchase order information in the background, and automatically gate the non-conforming information to avoid interference of human factors on the receipt operation.
2. Raw Material warehousing and distribution Scanning
Haier logistics adopts an advanced over-site logistics operation mode. In Haier, the warehouse is no longer a reservoir for storing materials, but a flowing river. In the river, the warehouse flows to produce required materials by order, that is, procurement and manufacturing activities by order. This requires the inventory information system to timely and accurately meet the needs of the business department for continuous large-scale pipeline production with low inventory or even zero inventory.
Delivery by order
As Haier makes to order, the order information of the production line is connected to the Panel System through the ERP system, the material distribution information is automatically transmitted to the wireless bar code scanning terminal in the logistics warehouse. the distribution center picks up the configuration according to the order information and delivers the information to the station according to the production line information.
Hand over by order
The materials are delivered to the production line. The logistics deliveryman and the manufacturing department call the material personnel to scan and hand over the materials. During the handover process, the materials and quantity codes are scanned first. After the materials are confirmed to be correct, the personnel codes of both parties are scanned, in this way, the handover scan information is transmitted to the ERP system in a timely and accurate manner, which becomes the basis for settlement between the Logistics Department and the manufacturing department.
3. Finished Product offline Scanning
After the finished product production is packed, use the wired scanning terminal to scan the finished product barcode at the offline point, collect the production completion information, and automatically reverse the inventory of the station added during the pulling and distributing process in the ERP system, ensure the accuracy of next pull distribution. At the same time, the system scans the number and model of offline products based on the order information in the ERP system to avoid unnecessary or overordered production.
4. Finished loading Scanning
Finished product production is complete and enters the loading and distribution process. During loading, use a wireless bar code scanning terminal to scan the finished bar code, record key information such as the vehicle number, product model, and quantity, and scan the system's real-time and back-end ERP system's order information for verification, the gate is implemented for wrong loading, missing loading, multiple loading, or loading without following orders, effectively avoiding invalid operations. At the same time, in order to improve the loading and unloading efficiency, the scanning of finished goods waybill number and loading and unloading products can monitor the loading efficiency in real time, achieving the goal of zero waiting for finished goods transportation and loading.
5. Finished Product warehousing and distribution Scanning
When finished products are loaded and exported for packing, bar code technology is used to make the goods of vehicles and each container clear at a glance, and the function of computer automatic verification and review is enabled, more than 0.1 million products can be accurately shipped every day. When a finished product is received, it is scanned in the warehouse, and the model, quantity, and position of the product are automatically recorded and recorded in real time. It is also checked with the logistics or delivery ticket information of the background ERP system, real-time error information gate to improve efficiency. During the warehouse picking operation, the scanning system automatically prompts the warehouse picking position based on the bill of lading. The system can guide the warehouse picking based on the first-in-first-out principle and automatically post the warehouse in the background, make the inventory and database Age of each product clear on a daily basis.
After the product is delivered, according to the order, the system can calculate the input and output, and consume the items in daily production to the order, to the person, to the day. In this way, not only can the customer meet the needs of large-scale and mobile production lines, but also can achieve the customer's station-based logistics operation mode. The input and output of each order are calculated to lay the foundation for Lean manufacturing.
Huge benefits
Through bar code management throughout the process, Haier logistics not only monitors the material turnover process, but also implements automatic gates for various incorrect operations and information. Bar code scanning technology has brought a huge economic benefit to Haier logistics: Haier Group receives an average of more than 0.3 million sales orders each month, with types of materials to be purchased. In this complicated situation, through real-time acquisition and automatic trip of bar code scanning, Haier's inventory information accuracy and warehouse receiving information accuracy reach more than 99%; the amount of idle materials is reduced by 90%, and the inventory funds are reduced by 63%; at the same time, through the whole process of bar code scanning management, not only achieves visual warehouse management, transparent tracking of finished product transportation, and paperless operating environment, in addition, it can enable all links to be held accountable to people and automatically trip non-single jobs, saving the group a lot of money every year and improving the core competitiveness of enterprises.

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