Happy Happy v. Thousand rubber Unfair Competition: Name to service are difficult to distinguish

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Morning News (reporter money A demon) in white-collar users have many fans of the net (kaixin001.com), said yesterday will sue "cottage" competitors, this will also be the domestic community dating site between the first court battle, perhaps for this chaotic industry to establish a competition rules.

The reporter learned that yesterday, happy Net has formally filed a lawsuit to the court, sued Thousand Oak Group's another "Happy Net" (kaixin.com) unfair competition, because the latter in the website name, the network domain name main part, the website service function, the service object, the service content and so on aspect and oneself are basically same, Even the homepage has a very similar design style: Have a concise website portal, including the log, album, voting and other functions, these features are similar font and font size neatly arranged on the left side of the page, more importantly, they are called "Happy Net", this practice often confuse users.

And from time to look, happy net in March 2008, the Thousand Oak group's "Happy Net" was opened in October 2008, happy Net identified the latter infringement, and asked it to stop using approximate website name and public apology.

Yesterday, happy net related official told reporters, now still can't comment on the lawsuit, but she also admitted that the news is now circulating is true, "only the specific contents of the lawsuit can not be informed for the moment." ”

In fact, happy NET also not only faces a similar competitor. At present, the number of the name of the "Happy net" at least three, and more social networking sites have similar interfaces and functions, and do the same business: the use of small games to attract white-collar and student users, and then by advertising revenue. Even happy net itself is a clone of American social networking site Facebook, and the industry is called the most successful imitators. The domestic Internet Senior observer Mr Xie yesterday to the media that such social networking sites were "Shanzhai" is the sadness of China's internet industry, "High-tech industries reduced to this level of competition, is not worth bragging about." ”

Yesterday, the head of the market in the Oak group responded to reporters, said, "Until now have not received the material from the court, also do not know the specific content of the lawsuit, so can only do not comment." ”

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