Hard drive maintenance of notebook computer

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Notebook computer hard disk is very easy to damage the parts, because notebook portability, notebook constantly moving and changing the environment, the notebook will inevitably because of vibration or a variety of adverse environment to produce a variety of faults, hard disk damage small, important data loss is big, so the maintenance of notebook hard disk is very important, The following article is about the notebook computer hard disk maintenance and maintenance methods.

Notebook computer hard drive maintenance--Avoid vibration

Vibration can be said to be a big enemy of the hard drive, once the vibration is more intense will be read and write abnormal even caused by physical damage to the disc or head.

Users should try to avoid the bumps in the larger car, use a notebook on a ship; it is best to keep your notebook on a stationary desktop when you read and write it for a long time; when typing, be careful not to strike gravity, which is a bad operation ignored by many users;

Of course, one of the advantages of notebook is mobile office, some vibration is unavoidable. The user to the hard disk to add a hard disk shock absorber cushion has played a very good practical role. Some manufacturers take this into account in their design, such as shock absorbers for Dell laptops, and shockproof hard drives that provide double protection in some products.

Laptop hard Drive maintenance--Avoid high temperature

The high temperature of the hard disk is always the problem that makes the notebook manufacturer headache unceasingly. Especially when the notebook hard drive into the 5400 turn/minute mainstream speed, the problem is more prominent.

Users must avoid a long time (more than 12 hours) continuous use of notebooks, avoid the quilt, legs to use the notebook, so as not to block the ventilation channel. And manufacturers in the design of hard disk location must fully consider the heat dissipation, high-temperature environment of the detection link to do a good job. Lightweight design at the same time can not disregard the hard disk cooling.

Laptop hard Drive maintenance--avoid other harsh environments

Wet, strong magnetic field, direct sunlight environment under the use of notebook on the hard drive is very large. Users should try to avoid in the bathroom, speakers, such as the subwoofer next to the environment to use the notebook, if unavoidable, can only be used in a short time.

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