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When you start your computer, you do not see the Windows splash screen, but instead appear the "Non-system disk or disk Error,replace disk and press a key to reboot" (non-system disk or disk error) prompts, which is the common hard Disk failure-Unable to boot the system.

(i) Hard failure causes hard drive to boot

The so-called hard disk hard fault, refers to the connection, power supply or hard disk itself caused by hardware failure of the hard disk failure. When you find that the hard drive fails to boot, you first have to start with the hardware.

In the failure of most boot failures, the connection or setup errors of the hard disk itself are the most common cause of failure. Therefore, in case of boot failure, you can start the computer, press the DEL key into the BIOS settings, move the cursor in the main interface to the "Standard CMOS Features" (Standard CMOS settings) option, enter the secondary settings interface. Notice in this interface whether you can see the hard drive installed on the IDE port, for example, "WDC wd800bb-32ccb0" in the following figure is the hard drive in the system. As shown in the figure.

If you can see the hard disk model, and the model does not appear garbled, then you can select the hard drive and enter the hard drive property settings interface, the IDE Primary Master (first IDE interface) and the access mode option are set to "Auto" (Automatic). Move the cursor to the IDE HDD Auto-detection (automatically detect IDE hard disk) option and press ENTER to allow the motherboard to automatically detect the hard drive, if the appropriate hard drive information is displayed at this time, such as Capacity (capacity), Cylinder (number of headers), etc. The physical connection to the hard disk and the BIOS settings are correct.

If you do not see the hard drive letter and related information in "Standard CMOS Features", or the model character of the hard disk becomes garbled, for example, it should be "Ic35l060avvawa07-o", but now it has become "IC#5L0&0AVFA 7-0 ", and then look at the parameters of the hard disk, there is nothing, there are generally two reasons:

1. Data cable or power cord problem for hard disk

For today's large hard drives, 80-core data cables are used. When the hard drive is not visible in the BIOS, or the hard disk model garbled phenomenon, first consider using the replacement method to replace a confirmed no problem of the data cable, and carefully check the data cable and hard disk interface, motherboard IDE interface contact, to see the Motherboard IDE interface and hard disk data interface appears to break the needle, Crooked Needle and so on. If the problem is really due to data cable and power connection caused by the general replacement of data cables and troubleshoot contact problems, in the BIOS will be able to see the hard drive, the hard drive will be able to boot.

2. Hard disk itself problem

When you change the data cable, the exclusion of contact is still unable to see the hard drive, or the hard disk model garbled, only through the replacement method to check whether the hard disk itself has failed, the specific method is: the failure of the hard disk hook in other working normal computer, see if the hard disk can work, if you can work properly, The hard disk itself is not a problem, if the hard drive is still not detected, the hard drive has been a serious failure, it is recommended to return to the manufacturer for repair.

Note: If you have more than a few hard drives installed on your system, you will also need to check the jumper settings on your hard disk to prevent the system from detecting the hard drive because of an error in the jumper settings. The hard drive jumper Setup method can be obtained by viewing the instruction manual.

This hard disk hard drive fails to boot, most of the fault in the connection data cable or IDE interface, the hard disk itself is not the likelihood of failure, so the general can be plugged into the hard drive data cable or change the IDE port, etc. to replace the test, you will soon find fault. In addition, the correct type of hard disk in the BIOS directly affects the normal use of the hard disk. Now the machine supports the "IDE Auto Detect" (automatic detection) function, can automatically detect the type of hard disk, for ordinary users, it is recommended that the feature to automatically set the hard disk parameters.

(ii) Soft failure causes hard drive to boot

Hard disk soft fault is the hard disk itself is not a problem, just because some settings or parameters are damaged and failure. When you make sure that the hard drive does not fail with the method described earlier, you can start with the following aspects.

1. System file failure leads to no boot

If the operating system is not installed on the hard drive, or if the boot file of the operating system is compromised, the hard drive will also fail to boot. Many computer beginners will be smart to the C-packing directory of files deleted or moved to other places, but this will destroy the system boot files, resulting in the system can not guide!

How do you determine if the boot program in your system is compromised? Take a boot floppy disk or CD, boot the system, if you can see the C, D, E on the hard drive in DOS. Such logical partitions and files in the partition prove that only the bootstrapper is corrupted, and that the problem can be resolved only by reinstalling the operating system.

2. Hard drive boot area is damaged and cannot boot

A hard disk is an external storage device for magnetic media, on each side of the platter, a plurality of concentric circles with the axis of rotation and a certain magnetic density are divided into tracks (Track), each of which is divided into several sectors (sector), and the data is stored on the hard disk by sector.

(1) What is the main boot sector of the hard disk

The first sector of the hard disk is reserved as the primary boot sector, which is located in the 0-track 0-cylinder 1-sector area of the entire hard drive, including the hard disk master Boot record MBR (main boot records) and the partition table DPT (disk Partition table). The primary boot record is to check that the partition table is correct and to determine which partition is the boot partition and to execute the partition's startup program (that is, the operating system boot sector) into memory at the end of the program. As for the partition table, many people know that with the 80H or 00H as the beginning flag, with 55AAH as the end sign, a total of 64 bytes, at the end of this sector.

It is worth mentioning that the MBR is produced by partitioning programs (for example, Fdisk.exe), and different operating systems may vary. Because the master boot record is easy to write, the main boot area of the hard disk is often the object of the virus attack, which is tampered with and even corrupted.

(2) Failure phenomenon after the boot zone of the hard disk is damaged

When the primary boot zone record is corrupted, "Non-system disk or disk Error,replace disk and press a key to reboot" (non-system disk or disk error) is often present when the system is started, "Error Loading Ope Rating system "(Mount DOS boot record error) or" No ROM Basic,system halted "(Cannot enter ROM Basic, System stop response) and so on the prompt information, in the more serious case, will not appear any information.

(3) Repair the hard drive main boot area

If the system fails to boot on the hard drive and does not resolve the problem through the methods described previously, you can determine that there is a problem with the hard drive master boot area. The following are some common fixes:

Repair the hard drive master boot area with Fdisk. After you start the system with the Windows 98 Startup disk, enter the "FDISK/MBR" command at the prompt to return. The/MBR parameter enables you to overwrite the code area of the primary boot area record without rebuilding the primary partition table. Therefore, the primary boot zone record is only applicable to the boot zone virus corruption or the master boot Record code is lost, but the primary partition table is not corrupted.

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