Heuristic algorithm (heuristic algorithm)

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Hangyuan Li's "Statistical learning method" is mentioned in the book: Decision tree algorithm usually uses heuristic algorithm, so understand

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Time is limited, here is just the difference between the algorithm and heuristic algorithm and simple development excerpt as follows:

The difference between algorithms and heuristic methods is subtle, and the meanings of the two terms overlap. For the purposes of this book, the difference between them lies in the indirection of the Final Solution: the algorithm directly gives you guidance on how to solve the problem, and the Heuristic method tells you how to find the guidance information, or at least where to look for it.

Second, development

40 's: The heuristic algorithm (fast and effective) was proposed because of the actual need.

50 's: Gradual prosperity, where greedy algorithms and local searches wait for people's attention.

60 's: Reflection, found that the previous heuristic algorithm is fast, but the quality of the solution is not guaranteed, and the large-scale problem is still powerless (slow convergence).

70 's: The Theory of computational complexity is proposed, NP problem. Many practical problems cannot find a global optimal solution within a reasonable time frame. It is found that greedy algorithm and local search algorithm are fast, but the main reason is that they only find solution in local area, until the solution has no global optimality. A new search mechanism and strategy must be introduced ... The genetic algorithm of Holland (genetic algorithm) has again aroused the interest of people to study heuristic algorithms.

After the 80 's: simulated annealing algorithm (simulated annealing algorithm), artificial Neural network (Artificial Neural Networks), Tabu search (Tabu Search) appeared successively.

Recent hotter or hotter past: Evolutionary algorithm (evolutionary algorithm), Ant colony Algorithm (ant algorithms), anthropomorphic algorithm, quantum algorithm, etc.

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Heuristic algorithm (heuristic algorithm)

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