Hong Kong's Chinese domain name will be launched into enterprises to seize the Hong Kong market sharp weapon

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Hong Kong's Chinese domain name will be launched into enterprises to seize the Hong Kong market sharp weapon

Previously, the Hong Kong Internet Registration Management Limited (HKIRC) planned to launch this year ". Hong Kong," Chinese domain name, all. HK "Domain name customers can register for free, this message from the issue has been the concern of the industry."

“. HK "Domain name represents the HKSAR, Hong Kong as an international financial center, in Asia's economy and even the international economy occupies an important position, is the domestic and foreign investors ' military battleground." With the closer economic cooperation between Hong Kong and Guangdong, the economic prosperity and development of the periphery of the PRD have been promoted, and the economic exchanges and cooperation between Hong Kong and the mainland have been enhanced and outstanding results have been achieved. With the growing economic exchanges between Hong Kong and Macao and the mainland, the Pearl River Delta Economic Circle is becoming more and more perfect, attracting more and more domestic and foreign investors to enter the market, in which E-commerce has become the vanguard of enterprises and investors.

In the rapid development of E-commerce today, the network has become an effective way for investors to operate and develop. As the sign of Internet, domain name is an important resource for investors to carry out electronic commerce. The HK domain name is Hong Kong's unified locator, with its distinctive characteristics of Hong Kong identity, and the ". Hong Kong" Chinese domain name, which will be open to the public, which is of great help to mainland enterprises to establish a regional image in Hong Kong and promote business cooperation and development.

HKIRC Gold Partner ERA Interconnection (Www.now.cn/domain) also said that the Hong Kong Internet Registration Management Company (HKIRC) after the launch of "Hong Kong" domain name, users can register simultaneously. HK "and". Hong Kong "Domain name, the user registers 1 Traditional Chinese domain name, automatically receives the simplified Chinese domain name.

This is said to be two birds with one stone, time interconnection related responsible person pointed out, now registered "Chinese." HK "domain name, once". Hong Kong "Domain name launches, the original user can obtain". Hong Kong "domain name. This domain name not only has the Hong Kong symbol, but also has the Chinese symbol characteristic, completely conforms to the Chinese language custom, is advantageous to the website search and deepens the national brand on the Internet influence, recently by the user's favor.

". HONG Kong" The open registration of domain names will arouse great concern, whether it is its own Hong Kong representative logo role, or it will be brought about by the Chinese domain name another upsurge, for many enterprises and investors are a good opportunity.

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