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It technology update too fast, some can't keep up, the company also has a lot of Gen8 server, Gen9 came out again.

HP Proliant Gen9 Server Highlights:

1. Enhanced raid no longer charges. The so-called enhanced raid, that is, three sets of disks into RAID 1, the ordinary RAID1 only two sets of disks mirror each other, the benefits of doing so is more secure, of course, this function can be used in a few places. This is unique to HP.

2, ILO no longer separate fees, ILO is the HP Server for remote management of a thing, and the server is independent, so even if the entire server is broken, or can be managed remotely through the ILO server.

3, the new server launched automatic tiering function. This is a feature that the Dell 13G server does not have. In my opinion, automatic layering is a very good technique.

4, redundant SD card. This is not unique to HP.

Write these first, the back of the study and then slowly Add.

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HP HP GEN9 Server

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