HP Printer Cartridge Trolley Card not coming out on the right side of the printer

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This article describes the solution for the HP Deskjet 3000 series printer's cartridge trolley card on the right side of the printer.

Applicable models: HP Deskjet 3320, 3323, 3325, 3420, 3425, 3538, 3558, 3743, 3748. Failure phenomenon

The printer's cartridge car is stuck on the right side of the printer and does not come out. As shown in Figure 1:

Figure 1: Cartridge trolley card on right side of printer

Solving method

Dial the printer's power cord from the back of the printer.

Lift the lid on the printer, then push the cartridge cart to the right, and make sure to push the cartridge cart to the right.

On the back of the printer, push right over the left raised part of the back and open the back cover of the printer. As shown in Figure 2:

Figure 2: Opening the printer rear cover

1-Push left raised section to the right first

2-then pull the left protruding part outward

Rotate the wheel on the back of the printer with your hand. This operation requires a bit of force until it is not rotated. Rotate the rear wheel of the printer, it will drive the main roller of the printer to rotate, so that the service station to back up, to unlock the purpose. After turning, you can try moving the cartridge car as shown in Figure 3:

Figure 3: Rotate the wheel on the back of the printer

Note: When doing this, be sure to wash hands clean, to ensure that there is no grease or dust on the hand, otherwise it may cause the printer is not good on paper.

If you pass the above steps, the cartridge car or card on the right can not move, you need to contact the HP repair center.

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