HP Server Data Recovery--HP Server recovery Scenario

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HP Server is one of the most popular low-end servers. Some server failures, such as the server hard disk is not the line, the server does not go to the system can not boot and so on is also a common server failure, and for these different failures occur data loss problem, HP Server can be data recovery? If so, what's the way?
The reasons for the failure of HP servers can be summarized in two broad categories. The first class is the server single or multiple hard disk failure, that is, the server hard disk often use Scsi,sas hard disk hardware or software failure, resulting in data loss. The second type is a disk array raid with multiple hard disks failure, such as a RAID array card failure, disk physical failure, such as bad, disk error, disk response time is too long, RAID5 damage more than 2 disks, and the array cabinet or server suddenly power, and no UPS protection, power supply instability, Cause RAID information to be lost, etc.
For a disk array failure, you can complete physical detection of all hard drives in a failed raid, determine if each hard drive is running well, and then view the underlying data stream of the physical hard disk that is currently readable, identifying the physical hard disk that is participating in the data store in the failed raid. Finally, all the currently healthy non-hot spare hard disks are fully backed up into a secure storage with redundancy, and for hard disks that have physical problems, they must be recovered by the solution of the corresponding failure type, and the data of the failed physical hard disk can be backed up to secure storage as much as possible. Because of the complexity of server data recovery, it is necessary to make a concrete solution according to the specific fault, it is difficult to recover the server data by itself, the security is low, the operation is easy to cause the permanent loss of data, so it is recommended to contact Shanghai Day Shield Data Recovery Center directly, Diagnostic recovery by experienced experts.
Day Shield has extensive experience in various server maintenance areas, specializing in IBM server data recovery, HP Server data recovery, Dell Server data recovery, Sun Server data recovery, SGI server data recovery, Lenovo Server data recovery, Intel Server data recovery, etc. and provide RAID disk array data recovery, hard disk open recovery and professional data recovery software, to help you successfully recover valuable data.

HP Server Data Recovery--HP Server recovery Scenario

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