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IAAs: Infrastructure as a service infrastructure as a service

The operator provides all the facilities provided to consumers, including processing, storage network and other basic computing resources. Consumers can use these resources to deploy and run any software (including operating systems and applications ).Program), Consumers do not manage or control any cloud computing infrastructure, but can control the selection of operating systems, storage space division, and deployed applications, you can also control restricted network components (such as firewall Load balancer.

PAAs: Platform as a service platform as a service

The so-called PAAs actually refers to submitting a software development platform as a service to users in the form of SAAS.

The service provided to consumers is to expose the development languages and tools used by customers, developed or purchased applications to the vendor's cloud computing infrastructure. You do not need to manage or control the underlying cloud infrastructure, including networks, servers, operating systems, and storage. However, you can deploy applications or control the managed configuration environment of applications.

The essence of Paas is to turn Internet resource services into programmable interfaces to provide third-party developers with valuable resources and service platforms. With the support of the PAAs platform, cloud computing developers obtain a large number of programmable elements, which have specific business logic, which brings great convenience for development, this not only improves development efficiency, but also reduces development costs. With the support of the PAAs platform, web application development becomes more agile and can quickly respond to user needs, it also brings tangible benefits to end users.

SAAS: software as a service (software as a service.

SAAS is similar to on-demand software, the application service provider, and hosted software.

The vendor deploys the application software on its own server. The customer can order the required application software services from the vendor over the Internet based on their actual needs, pay fees to the manufacturer based on the number and duration of the service to be ordered, and obtain the service from the manufacturer through the Internet.

Users do not need to buy software at a time. Instead, they need to rent web-based software from their providers to manage their business activities and do not need to maintain the software. The service Chamber of Commerce is solely responsible for managing and maintaining the software.

In this mode, customers no longer spend as much investment as traditional models for hardware, software, and personnel, but only pay a certain amount of rental service fees, through the Internet, you can enjoy the relevant hardware, software and maintenance services, and enjoy the right to use and constantly upgrade the software.

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