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If you are a webmaster, want to build a website. Without cloud services, you need to invest in a server, install Server software, and write Web programs.
Now you're following the trend, using popular cloud computing,
If you're using IaaS services, it means you don't have to buy your own servers and buy virtual machines anywhere, but you still need to install your own server software.
And if you use PAAs services, it means that you do not need to buy a server, you do not need to install the server software, only need to develop their own website program
If you go further, buy some online forums or online shop services, which means that you do not have to develop Web site programs, only need to use their developed programs, and they will be responsible for the program upgrade, maintenance, increase the server, etc., and you only need to concentrate on operations, this is the SaaS.

John Wang
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