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Because there are few books on Cognos, we often need to learn through the official documentation. To better learn Cognos, We need to install samples, the so-called samples is a database source provided by IBM under different databases. In order to find this samples, it has not been found on the IBM official website for a long time. It has been a great deal of hard work, download this samples with the help of an address provided by a training institution and start to install it under win7. Unfortunately, it is reported that Windows NT 4.0 or above is required. At that time, I didn't think much about it. Try it on XP, fortunately, this time we succeeded. After reading the installed folder, we found gs_db under webcontent \ samples \ datasources \ DB2 and decompressed it. We saw a bunch of images. ixf ,. MSG file. the LST file, and finally the suffix information, finally determine to use db2move dbname import-u username-p pwd to import database data to DB2, unfortunately, an error occurred during the import process. See db2move. when multiple schemas are found in the lst, These schemas are created manually. Although this is not the reason, the log shows that it was originally the cause of codePage, which probably means the character set problem, that is, the source code page 1208 (UTF-8) can not be converted to the target page 1386 (Simplified Chinese), and finally by using db2set db2codepage = 1208 to change the database code page to 1208 OK, after the database is imported, execute the statements in gs_db_modify. SQL to add constraints (external keys) and some views to the imported database.

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