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Microsoft has released the official version of IE for Win7 browser, the bold users or browser fans can download the latest version of IE for WIN7 official version of the installation. However, in accordance with the Convention, in IE one for Win7 preview release during a number of users reflected in the installation of IE for Win7 error occurred in the process of installation failed, so this article will be detailed in the IE for WIN7 official version of the installation process. Install IE for Win7 browser after found not like? Don't worry, ie for Win7 uninstall tutorial is also in this article.

Figure 1 Microsoft IE11 for Win7 official release

Note: Microsoft IE for Win7 browser installation system requirements: Win7 SP1 (32-bit &64 bit), Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 64-bit. (Click to get more versions of IE for Win7)

The official version of IE 11 Support 95 languages, in the page load and the corresponding speed have been improved, reduce the CPU occupancy rate, reduce the use of mobile devices on the Internet, the main fast, simple and safe features.

First, Microsoft IE one for Win7 installation

Small series under the 64-bit version of IE for WIN7 official version of the browser as an example, to share the next how to quickly install the latest IE 11 browser; After downloading IE 11 installation files, start the installation, pop-up the following figure window:

Figure 2 IE11 for Win7 installation Tips

Download the updated files required by IE for Win7;

Figure 3 Online Installation

At the same time online download IE 11 Browser language installation package;

Figure 4 IE11 for Win7 Install language pack

After the online installation, you need to restart the computer to make IE for Win7 successfully effective.

Figure 5 IE11 for Win7 reboot required after successful installation

After restarting the computer, we go to the Control Panel and click on the "Windows Update" option-"View update History"-"Installed Updates";

Figure 6 See IE for Win7 is installed successfully

Figure 7

Figure 8

Here we can find the updated record of the IE for Win7 browser that has just been installed, an IE 11 main program and a language installation package. If you do not find the IE for Win7 browser does not install successfully.

Figure 9 Find the two installation files for the IE11 for Win7

Microsoft has brought the official version of IE for Win7 9600.16428, more than the release of the Win8.1 operating system built-in IE 11 browser version is also high, and IE for Win7 browser also by default to open the "DNT" (do Not track) features.

Figure IE11 for Win7 Official edition is current IE 11 Latest version

Although Microsoft's release of IE for WIN7 official version of the browser has brought a very good internet browsing experience, but there are some of the online Win7 users reflect the installation of IE for Win7 after the problem of Win7 activation failure, that is, upgrade IE for The Win7 version has the potential to affect the activation mechanism of Windows 7, but don't panic this is only the case of individual Win7 users.

When you have a taste of IE for Win7, you find that it does not suit your tastes, such as not supporting most of the current plug-ins, and some of the Web site is not compatible and so on. We can also take the IE 11 Uninstall method back to IE other versions of the browser.

  Second, Microsoft IE one for Win7 uninstall

If you want to uninstall IE for Win7 browser can go to the above mentioned "Installed Update" page (see Figure 9), find IE 11 main program and IE 11 language installation package; Right click to select "Uninstall";

Figure IE11 for Win7 Official edition installation and uninstall graphics tutorial

Then wait a few minutes; the convention wants to successfully uninstall IE 11 and restart the computer to take effect.

Figure 12

Figure 13 Reboot the computer

After restarting the IE browser again, you will find IE browser will be lowered back to the original version of the previous installation, such as the small series of IE 10 browser has come back.

Figure 14 resuming to IE 10 browser

But since installed IE11 browser, you have the heart to abandon this ie sister?

Figure 15 Microsoft new IE11 Meng Sister

  Written in the last

Microsoft IE for Win7 official version of the browser relative to IE 10 browser in all aspects have a lot of promotion, browser enthusiasts deserve a taste. But also because of IE for Win7 browser updates, some of the site did not make optimization, and IE 11 does not support plug-in use, so for the partial pursuit of stability, like Plug-ins to expand the user can wait for IE 11 more optimized after the upgrade installation.

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