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Conditions for qualified papers

1. I am the center: My role in the project, what I have done in the project

2. Standing in the senior engineer's height: from the overall introduction of the project, pay attention to the process, process, not too much attention to technical details

3. Be faithful to the argument: absolute obedience to an argument, the question of questions to be carried out without complications

4. Write a good summary: 200-400 words, less than 120 words fail, summary should reflect the full picture of the body

5. Consistent: Verbal expression of consistency, terminology unification, check typos, missing words, especially key words, occurrence meaning

Change of meaning

The steps of the paper solution

1. Time Allocation: Topic 3 minutes, 12 minutes design paper, 15 minutes to write a summary, 80 minutes to write the body, 10 minutes to check

2. Selected questions: Select the topic to circle, or in the answer to try to write on the topic

3. Design paper: Deciding what to write, dividing chapters, writing drafts

4. Write Abstract: Concise and crisp, abstract is the text of the induction

5. Text writing: Control the length of each paragraph, control a good time, the text is neat, the text appropriate beagle word slightly smaller convenient

Modify. It is a top priority to finish writing the article.

6. Check and amend

The law of Examination of papers

Summarize your involvement in the management of information systems projects and the XX management issues encountered in the project

Describe the project situation and the problems encountered

Please briefly discuss your understanding of XX and XX management, the basic process of XX management

Theoretical knowledge, describe it in your own language.

Detailed discussion of the XX management process, method, tool and its actual effect in the project of the large information system that you participate in management.

Combined with Project discussion

The law of Examination

1. More summary, to be comprehensive, status quo: project summary situation and the role of the same

2. Usually accumulate more, do not rush:

3. The paper is well-organized and straightforward: don't try to cover all aspects of the topic, don't talk about it, the key

is to write the work that you do

4. Illustrated, can receive the miraculous work

5. Do something unconventional, be assertive

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