Intel Core Graphics Control Panel graphic Introduction

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The Intel Core Graphics Control Panel interface has changed radically, so let's take a look at the latest version of the Intel Core Graphics Control Panel.

Click on the desktop blank Point Right button property, the graphic properties are preceded by Intel's Loga, this is the latest version of the Intel Core Graphics Control Panel, as shown:

Open Graphics properties, the latest version of the Intel Core Graphics Control Panel is divided into six large areas, display, 3D, options, video, power, support, as shown:

Now let's take a look at the six-region interface, which is described in order.

1. Display the interface, open the default interface is the display settings, you can adjust the resolution, refresh rate, rotation, zoom:

Switch to color, you can adjust the color depth, color enhancement, as shown:

Display expand, inside can set multi-screen display, select this option, as shown:

Since there is no external monitor, the interface is only shown in figure.

2.3D interface, there are general settings and the application of the best mode, you can choose, as shown:

3. The options interface, the default open is the shortcut Key Manager, can be turned on or off, and custom shortcut keys as shown:

The Options drop-down menu can be toggled, Information Center, preferences, the following figure is the information center, as shown:

The Information Center can choose the type of report, the above is the system information by default, the following image select the built-in display, the interface is as follows:

4. Video interface, open the default color enhancement (Basic) mode, which can be shown as:

In the video profile, you can set the effect, as shown in the figure:

To adjust the advanced mode, you can adjust the color manually, as shown in the figure:

There are options in the video, you can choose image enhancement and color enhancement, the image Enhancement Basic mode is as follows:

Advanced mode, as shown in figure:

Image scaling is off by default, you can choose to open, adjust the following options, as shown:

5. "Power" option, open default is on power mode, can adjust the maximum battery life, balance, the highest performance mode, as shown in figure:

Battery mode, more display power-saving technology, according to the use of habits to choose the corresponding mode, as shown:

6. Support options, there are some important resources links, as shown:

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