Intel Core i7-7700k Contrast i7-6700k which is better?

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Intel Core i7-7700k Contrast i7-6700k which is better?

Intel Kabylake and 200 series simply say

As mentioned above, the 200 series chip group from B250, H270 to Z270, its wafer PCIe channel number increased, providing more bandwidth increase use, so you can see at least one PCIe X4 storage device, and the other memory frequency from 2400MHz, performance will be improved, Another high-profile Intel Optane memory needs to use the H270 and Z270 motherboard, but the product is not yet on the market, and players who want to experience need to wait. However, overclocking to maintain the need to use the Z-series motherboard with the K-series processor, then will not be a K-overclocking is not known, but we recommend that the Z series with the K-series motherboard for the spindle can have a better overclocking experience.

A total of 16 desktop processors, TDP from 35 watts to 91W, add i3-7350k 2c4t can overclocking processor, so a total of three CPU lock frequency multiplier, other CPUs maintain lock multiplier design, i3-7350k can reduce the cost of building overclocking platform, so that more players can step into the world of excess frequency. However, i5 and i7 series supported Intel Turbo Boost Turbo Acceleration technology to maintain the 2.0 version, the previous X99 support of the Intel Turbo Boost 3.0 has not been decentralized, a bit of a pity. The chip from the HD530 into the HD630, that is, the eighth generation of the chip into the nineth generation, frequency based on CPU differences, the highest frequency GPU has 1000/1100/1150mhz, add VP9 and HEVC 10Bit hardware to join, players can perform 4K video viewing and editing, such as 2160p movie dial or online 4K video streaming is difficult to fail it, and display performance has been improved.

H270 and Z270 support Intel Optane Memory, through 3D Xpoint technology, provide cost-effective, excellent performance, and breakthrough performance bottlenecks, can achieve faster read and write performance, improve system response, in addition to both speed and can have comparable HDD capacity, and has a higher durability. The product will exist in a variety of forms, currently can be determined available m.2 connection, can be speculated that there will be a u.2 version, to the commercial use of the memory form products should also be seen. It is important to use the 7-series processor to be able to use the 6-series processor for the Intel Optane memory.

In the Z270 series host board more than AVX offsset ratio option, with the intention to promote the use of no AVX instructions to increase the frequency of overclocking, because with the AVX specified the use of soft experience to make the CPU calorific value, so the temperature is more difficult to suppress, so add this option, When there are running AVX instructions software will automatically reduce the frequency multiplier to enhance stability, and reduce calorific value, in the absence of AVX instructions on the software can run a higher frequency, so that overclocking higher.

Intel Optane Memory can be used on Z270 and H270

AVX Offset ratio elevated overclocking

Intel Desktop CPU Overview, i3-7350k debut, 2c4t can be overclocking

Intel has been known to focus on overclocking for 2017 years, the first is the Intel Kabelake processor and the 200 series Wafer, with 16 desktop processors on the scene, maintaining the current mode, only with a product with K-Lock frequency multiplier, so the player can be arbitrary overclocking, but usually these two prices on the high side, In order for more players to be able to overclocking, this time join the i3-7350k processor, a dual-core four-sequence can be overclocking version, The preset frequency comes to 4.2GHz, the highest in the double core, TDP 60W, a lot lower than the 91W of i7-7700k and i5-7600k, but it will find the processor is the same as the i3 series and does not support Intel Turbo Boost. The chip is HD630, but the frequency will be different. There are seven regular version CPUs, TDP is 51W or 65Wm

Model with T for Low-voltage version, a total of six, TDP only 35W, players can be in small host or NUC series of products to see. If you want to taste the use of overclocking, then the i3-7350k processor is a good choice, coupled with fewer cores, so the heat is lower, relatively good repression, should be better overclocking some.

Intel Kabylake Processor Architecture diagram

Z170 and Z270 block diagrams-overclocking, Memory frequency enhancement, PCIe channel additions to support Intel Optane memory

Z270 Series Motherboard CPU PCIe channel to maintain 16, so you can run 1x16/2x8/1x8+2x4,sata interface has six, USB 3.0 port up to 10, with USB 2.0 can have 14, the wafer group PCIe channel number 24, so PCIe The storage device of X4 interface can reach 3, memory is dual channel, can support DDR3/DDR4 memory, display output support three screen, and can overclocking, H270, B250 maintain the principle of not overclocking.

From the following two images, it is found that the Z270 DDR4 memory frequency starts to 2400MHz, which also supports DDR3 memory, although it is recommended that the DDR4 Memory host board be selected as a priority. In addition, from the chip group out of the PCIe 3.0 channel number from 20 to 24, more than Z170 4, for channel use distribution more flexible, but all also depends on the design of the board, according to the host board level and differences, and then Z270 to join the Intel Rapid Storage RAID and Intel Smart Connect technology. In addition, Intel's Optane memory needs to be supported by the H270 and Z270 motherboard, and previously Z170 and H170 are unusable.

In addition to the previous mentioned Z270 memory starting frequency of 2400MHz, but if you use the memory for Ddr-2133mhz, according to the author test, without adjusting the memory frequency in the case of the Z270 motherboard will run Ddr4-2133mhz, this need attention.

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