IPhone, iPhone 4, and iPad app startup screen Summary

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It is very easy to add a startup image for ipadand iPhone apps. The basic idea is to add the startup image resource default.png. You only need to have different image sizes according to different resolutions and rotation directions.

Currently, iOS devices have four different resolutions:
1 iPad 768x1024

2 new pad 1536x2048

3 iphone4 640x960
4 iPhone 320x480

If a program supports both iPad and iPhone, it must contain the following images:

1 default.png iphone boot image. If you do not have a few ipad boot images, you can also use default.png (not recommended) 320 × 480 or 320 × 460 at runtime on ipad.
2 Default@2x.png iphone4 boot pictures 640x960 or 640x920

3 Default-Portrait.png iPad dedicated vertical boot screen 768x1024 or 768x1004; the corresponding ipad3 is default-portrait@2x.png 1536x2048
4 Default-Landscape.png iPad dedicated horizontal boot screen 1024x768 or 1024x748; the corresponding ipad3 is default-landscape@2x.png 1536x2048
5 Default-PortraitUpsideDown.png iPad dedicated vertical boot screen (Home button on the screen), can be omitted 768x1024 or 768x1004; the corresponding ipad3 is default-portraitupsidedown@2x.png 1536x2048
6 Default-LandscapeLeft.png iPad dedicated landscape boot screen (can be omitted), 1024 × 768 or 1024 × 748; the corresponding ipad3 is default-landscapeleft@2x.png 1536 × 2048
7 Default-LandscapeRight.png iPad dedicated landscape boot screen (can be omitted), 1024x768 or 1024x748; the corresponding ipad3 is default-landscaperight@2x.png 1536x2048

To use the above boot screen on the iPad, you also need to add the key in xxxx_info.plist (depending on the options in the drop-down menu ):
1 uisupportedinterfaceorientations
2 or supported interface orientations

At the same time, add a value to it (based on the options in the drop-down menu ):

1 uiinterfaceorientationportrait or portrait (bottom home button)

2 uiinterfacorientationportraitupsidedown or portrait (top home button)

3 uiinterfaceorientationlandscapeleft or landscape (left home button)

4 uiinterfaceorientationlandscaperight or landscape (right home button)

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