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1, the United States Sea Amoy commonly used website:

When it comes to the sea, the first is definitely the idea of buying a website in the United States. Not only is the goods more, the key is that the price is really cheap. Whether it is skin care luxury products and so on.

First, Amazon, official address: http://www.amazon.com/

Advantages: All kinds of goods. All goods, not limited to the mother and baby, but in any return to the site has no rebate, recommended everyone to participate in Amazon's mother plan, 3 months within the United States to avoid the first domestic freight, and buy more than 25 knives can be more than one free shipping.

Second, Dr Pharmacy, official website address: http://www.drugstore.com/

Advantages: Drugstore is part of the world's largest food and drug retail company in the United States Walgreens, baby milk powder, complementary food, bath products, to children's nutritional supplements, snacks, vitamins, toys, health care products, cosmetics and other sales. But Drugstore's best-selling products should still be powdered milk!

And the website often has the promotion activity, buys down is still relatively cheap.

Third, Eastbay, official address: http://www.eastbay.com/

Advantages: There are a variety of brand-name sneakers and clothing, often discounted activities.

Four, Carter official website address: http://www.carters.com/

Advantages: Carter has always been the forum fire of Children's wear brand, is definitely the most beloved of the sea Amoy Moms

Five, Nordstrom official website address: http://www.nordstrom.com/

Advantage: Nordstrom is the United States high-end chain store. Operating products include clothing, jewelry, bags, jewelry, cosmetics, perfume, household items and so on. Big-brand cosmetics gathered, including Lamer. Make-up brand is very complete, Clinique, El,lamer, Kiehl and so on all!

Vi. Iherb website Address: http://www.iherb.com/

Advantages: Iherb products to natural health-based, like small bees, badger,now Foods, Desert essence, etc. are a good brand

2. Japan Sea Amoy Website:

When it comes to the Japanese sea, the first thing to think about is Kao sanitary napkins and Thermos mug, the price of Japan is actually quite high! So the prices of things are not better than in the domestic buy cheap, but because the formula is better, the quality of a little more so it is very good to count down!

Japan Sea-Scouring steps:

1, first of all, to prepare a minimum of two currency card international credit card, such as Visa or master, if you are a multi-currency card better, this will avoid fees or exchange rate difference.

2, registered a transshipment company, Japan can direct mail, but direct mail means tariff, really hurt. So recommended two of reliable transshipment company introduced Tenso and Jshoppers, both have a Chinese interface, please click on the upper right corner of the language options, switch languages, and then you can start to register members, you will get the member address, note in filling in the address of the half-width and full-angle distinction. My personal opinion jshoppers home is cheaper, because his home fee is only 100 yen.

General class:

Japan Amazon website: www.amazon.co.jp

Rakuten Global Website: http://www.rakuten.co.jp/

Nissen website: http://www.nissen.com/home/shop/00/00/10/

Clothing Category:

The country is called Xin Wei foreign country called Vivi's official website: http://www.netvivi.cc/

Fashionwalker's website: http://fashionwalker.com/

Lumine's website: http://i.lumine.jp/shop/

Snidel Website: http://snidel.com/

3, Korea Sea Amoy website:

With the Korean drama against our aggression, all kinds of Korean skin care clothing and small appliances also joined the Sea Amoy team! The landlord generally buy Korea's skin care products more. Here is a list of simple tips.

First, Gmarket official website address: http://www.gmarket.co.kr/

Advantages: Gmarket is Korea's largest integrated shopping site, ranked first in the South Korean online retail market in terms of total merchandise sales, mainly selling books, MP3, cosmetics, computers, home appliances, clothing and so on.

Second, NANING9 official website address: http://www.naning9china.com/

Advantage: Korea online shopping the most hot brand. Main: Apparel, shoes, bags, jewelry and so on.

Third, 11 Street website address: http://www.11st.co.kr/

Advantage: South Korea's other super-popular integrated shopping site, G-market strong rivals. However, only nationals or individuals residing abroad can be registered.

Iv. New World Online shopping website address: http://shinsegaemall.ssg.com/

Advantage: The new world can be said to be the largest department store in Korea. As the largest entity department store, shopping on the internet is also convenient and fast, the style of a lot of any choice. Real-name authentication is also required.

Five, Lotte Network shopping website address: http://www.lotteimall.com/

Advantages: Lotte Group's large shopping site, a card in hand, its Rakuten department store, Lotte Supermarket and Lotte Amusement park and so on can be shopping points. Rakuten's chewing gum is well known to the Chinese, and Lotte department store and Lotte Supermarket are also the most powerful competitors of the modern group and the New World and E-mart. A variety of world brands and a variety of goods are located in Lotte Department stores and Lotte supermarkets, prices also have high-end consumption standards and civilian consumption standards.

4, the German Sea Amoy commonly used website:

If you were given a chance to go to Germany, what was your first impression? Besides maternity and kitchen utensils, Hugo Boss is well deserved. Today, the landlord also for you to organize some of the Raiders, help everyone again de Amoy road farther and farther.

First, Kidscomfort official website address: http://www.kidscomfort.eu/

Advantages: Buy the baby's related things, goods cheap. A lot of moms in the jar love OH

Second, MYTIME official website address: http://www.myTime.de

Advantages: MYTIME is a daily food online supermarket, in addition to YOUYANJIANGCU type of food stored at room temperature can also be sold to fresh meat, sausage and frozen seafood products, is a veritable online supermarket. Of course for the vast number of de Amoy er, it home can buy cheap love his beauty milk powder, pampers diaper prices are very cheap. More than Germany's cheapest Rossmann supermarket shop only a few cents, Rossmann Limited purchase, mytime.de to buy milk powder is not enough, de Amoy friends can be purchased through the transshipment company.

Third, Eurapon Sea Amoy official website address: http://www.eurapon.de

Advantage: This drugstore can only be paid in German PayPal, this is similar to the U.S. Dr, some things are very cheap

Four, Hipp Sea Amoy official website address: http://www.hipp.de/

Advantages: Hei Bao milk powder from Germany, is the first German infant food brand, the world's largest organic food manufacturers, almost every German children are eating the product of Hi-Po grew up

Five, Schlecker official website address: http://www.schlecker.de

Advantage: Schlecker is one of the largest 3 daily-use chains in Germany and has branches in many European countries, with only Germany and Austria currently supporting online shopping.

Vi. Windeln website Address: http://www.windeln.de

Advantages: Windein is a famous German mother and child website, the sea Amoy Mother's favorite. Full 49 Euro free shipping within Germany (below 3KG), full 60 euro free shipping in Germany (unlimited weight), support domestic credit card

5, Australia Sea Amoy commonly used website:

The lovely kangaroo, the vast expanse of the prairie, Australia is synonymous with pure natural. Therefore, the Forum also has a lot of mother Sea Amoy Australia's milk powder and daily necessities.

First, ebay website address: http://www.ebay.com.au/

Advantages: Similar to the domestic Taobao, you can open a shop on it, you can also shop on it. There are many kinds of things, but also need more contrast

Second, DealsDirect official website address: http://www.dealsdirect.com.au/

Advantage: This is one of the largest online department stores in Australia, providing over 1 million customers online with 25 large categories of more than 5,000 products.

6, the British Sea Amoy commonly used website:

There was a time in the jar many sisters are buying Topshop, fashionable fast-selling brand also attracted the landlord, of course, the United Kingdom in addition to these there are many other items worth buying oh.

First, next Sea Amoy official website address: http://www.nextdirect.com/

Advantage: NEXT, the UK's third-largest apparel brand, was established in the UK in February 1982. The baby's clothes are very complete, from the newborn baby to the 16-year-old children's clothes have, while changing the website direct mail many places but do not know direct mail to China, you can directly mail Hong Kong.

Second, Topshop official website address: http://www.topshop.com/

Advantage: Topshop is a fast fashion brand belonging to the UK's largest apparel retailer Arcadia Group. At present, the brand has opened a branch in Shanghai, China in 2008. The brand not only operates clothing, shoes, bags, but also operating makeup. Over 100 GBP free International Shipping!

Third, Burberry Sea Amoy website address: http://us.burberry.com/

Advantage: Burberry is a luxury brand with a traditional English style, and foreign purchases can be saved because of the poor exchange rate.

Four, Pret-a-beaute Sea Amoy official website address: http://beaute.com/

Advantage: Pret-a-beaute is a boutique retail website for an online luxury brand in the UK, and the sale is also an absolute boutique, the target group is the age of 25-45 business women, goods including cosmetics, bags, shoes and some other jewelry accessories.

Five, Love Sea Amoy official website address: http://inlovewithfashion.com/

Vi. My-wardrobe website Address: http://wardrobe.com/

Advantage: The British fashion shopping website, founded in 2006, mainly provides high-end designer clothing, handbags and decorations, in recent years by the British and European consumers favor. Major brands include Vivienne Westwood,polo RALPH lauren,d&g, etc.

Vii. Miss Selfridge website address: http://www.missselfridge.com/

Advantages: Miss Selfridge brand pursuit of feminine, fashionable and sexy style, the brand belongs to the British big seller Arcadia, is the British Topshop's vice card, and Topshop difference is that Miss Selfridge more biased towards the design of girls cute, Highlight the vibrant fashion style of young girls.

Eight, Mybag Sea Amoy official website address: http://www.mybag.com/home.dept

Advantages: Mybag is one of the UK's main luggage accessories website, the goods cover unisex bags, sunglasses, scarves, belts and other fields. is a very popular shopping site in the UK in recent years

Ix. ASOS official website address: http://www.asos.cn/

Advantages: ASOS is the UK's most red girl-style fashion shop, recently like Asos 4cer is also a lot of direct sea Amoy will save a lot of OH

Ten, Boots website address: http://www.boots.com/

7, the French Sea Amoy commonly used website:

Romantic France, in addition to tourism, shopping is super convenient, not only a lot of luxury brands and a lot of French local skincare is also super love.

General class

French Amazon: http://www.amazon.fr

VP Outlet Store: http://privee.com/

Cdiscount Discount: http://www.cdiscount.com/

Designer Bags

LV Official website: http://www.louisvuitton.fr (not supported by national card)


PRADA:HTTP://STORE.PRADA.COM/FR (not supported by national card)

miumiu:http://store.miumiu.com/(not supported by national card)

Saint Laurent: Http://www.ysl.fr/fr (not supported by national card)

Balenciaga: www.balenciaga.fr (not supported by national card)

Hermes: http://france.hermes.com/

Hello La mode:http://www.hellolamode.com/

Children's Clothing




IKKS enfant:http://www.ikks.com/fr/



Rheinperle son: http://www.3suisses.fr

La redoute:http://www.laredoute.fr

Mother and Baby Beauty

Parapharmadirect (Black House): http://www.parapharmadirect.com/

Jevaismieuxmerci (J Home): http://www.jevaismieuxmerci.com/

Greenweez (green house): http://www.greenweez.com/

PSD Home: http://www.pharmashopdiscount.com/

Paraleader (P home): http://www.paraleader.com/

L Home: http://www.comptoirsante.com/

L ' Occitane: Http://fr.loccitane.com/produits-de-beaute--parfumerie-et-soins-du-visage-naturels-l ' occitane-en-provence, 74,1,23069,472692.htm

Nuxe Great: http://www.nuxe.com/en/

Electronic Products



Alcoholic food

Nicolas Chain Winery:

Millesima Winery: http://www.millesima.fr

Pierreherme Chocolate: http://www.pierreherme.com/

Fromages cheese: http://www.fromages.com/en/(direct mail)

La tourangelle:http://www.latourangelle.fr

8, the Italian Sea Amoy commonly used website:

First, Forzieri (forzieri) Sea Amoy official website address: http://www.cn.forzieri.com/

Advantages: Italy's large-scale integrated shopping website, mainly in high-end goods, something very delicate, mainly Italian brand characteristics of goods, click on the homepage you will find that the site has been automatically based on your IP address to help you classify the language of your region, and is the original Italian products. The only thing worth noting is that shipping costs are more expensive.

Second, Luisa Via Roma Sea Amoy official website address: http://www.luisaviaroma.com/

Advantages: The world of fashion is carefully selected by the top fashion designers of the men, women's series, footwear and accessories. Here you can buy the design series of hundreds of top fashion designers in the world, such as Chloè,dior Homme,dolce & Gabbana,dsquared,lanvin,christian Louboutin,moncler, etc. Gray often high-end atmosphere on the grade.

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