Japan vs Australia and Asia Friendship"

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Japan vs Australia and Asia Friendship"


Over the past few years, Japanese football has often lamented their progress. From Nakhon Nakamura to Nakamura junfu, and from trusi to Jike, the style of the technical team has become increasingly mature. The overall cooperation is quite powerful, the competition in the consortium Cup against Brazil surprised the audience. Maybe you sneer at the process of entering the top 4 in, but the competition in Japan's top 16 is nothing to say. Although Australia's dimension card and corver are both strong players in England, the overall strength is also inferior.


Perhaps it is expected to be a little higher. After the opening, we didn't see how smooth the cooperation of the Japanese team was. Instead, we liked the strong nature of Australia. The rough Australian often had the upper hand in the fight against the second enemy, like a tank, if you don't go into the curve technology, you just need to open it directly and crush everything. In 26 minutes, the defender scored the goal. It was a very clear foul, but it was a 1-0 violation. This made me quite uncomfortable. Half of us sympathized with Australia, which entered the World Cup finals for the first time in 32 years. Most of us felt that Australia had played quite well, and it was unfair to lose the ball. In the past, I was absolutely neutral, and the prediction of the game also ended in a draw. However, this ball left me unhesitant to stand on the Australian side. I am eager to see him reverse the scene, it makes the Japanese delicious.


This is only a game. What I want to talk about is "Asian friendship ". The grand feast of CCTV invited Hong banchang to be the guest of the Battle of Japan and Macao. We can see that this cute fat guy never knows much about football. At least he hasn't heard of the famous dimension card and corver. Jack Hong said, "I hope our Asian team will win". I believe that he has not considered Australia as an Asian team in advance. He only represents a very general view: the World Cup has nothing to do with the Chinese team, so we will support the same teams in Asia. As we don't know, people don't want us to be without marginal support, and people never even regard themselves as Asian countries. Why are we trying to continue the Asian friendship. At least in football, they are more of our opponents than our friends. I have been an angry young man and don't care whether you like Japanese football or not, but please do not mention any Asian friendship with Japan, because in his opinion, since Datang, it never exists again.


It also said that in the second half of the game, the more the players in Japan are at their own risk, although the performance of Kawaguchi is indeed quite good, but the performance before the end of the game is really unpleasant. Relying on a chance to win a goal, I want to keep my score for three points. In this way, no matter which team he is playing, he is not only arrogant, cool. Whatever you think, I firmly hope that Australia can pour over Japan and give him a good lesson.


The last 10 minutes in Australia were full of vigor and bustle, with three goal hammers hitting Japan. Japan was so crazy that it took 80 minutes and finally it was packed up. This scene is like the war that happened more than 60 years ago. I even think that football can reflect the national temperament, but think about the half-dead Chinese football. Although there are 1.3 billion people in China, I guess no one will think that the waste of the Chinese football team can reflect our temperament. I very much hope that the 11 people wearing yellow jerseys will be our Chinese team. No matter whether or not he can play a similar reversal, as long as he can play like Australia, I will applaud.

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