Javafx 2.0beta version released !!

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The javafx beta version was released in. In fact, I saw it on the official website a few days ago, but it was busy that day and I didn't have time to write a blog. So it was not until today that I thought about writing.

I always thought that javafx was not updated for a long time and thought it was Oracle giving up. Now it seems a big difference.

So what are the improvements of javafx 2.0beta compared with earlier versions 1.3?

1. javafx 2.0 is completely different from javafx 1.3.

That is to say, javafx 1.3 programs cannot run on javafx 2.0 runtime, but they can still run on the old version of javafx 1.3 runtime until the old version of runtime ends.


2. The new high-performance Graphics Rendering Engine provides better support for simpler, smoother, and faster drawing of Rich graphics.

This is actually part of Oracle's plan. I always thought it was a joke. I didn't expect it to come true so soon.


3. The multimedia engine supports the playback of multimedia content on webpages.


4. Web Components, allowing HTML to be embedded into javafx applications.

I have not tried this for the moment, but it is not surprising that it should be embedded into the web page. I will try to develop an example later.


5. The updated browser plug-in supports prism-based javafx applet loading.

This translation is like this. Prism seems to be a graphics hardware acceleration platform. I believe it will be of great help to program performance.

6. A series of extended UI controls, such as charts, tables, menus, and panes.

There is no doubt that this is what many developers are looking forward to. They develop and understand it on their own.


7. Some examples show the charm of javafx 2.0.

8. Additional instructions

Javafx 2.0 does not support scripting, which means it is no longer a javafx script. Start to use pure Java language development, so that any IDE can be used for development. You may be able to use eclipse to develop javafx in the near future!


I have a feeling of waiting for trial. For more information, visit the official javafx website. Of course, if there is any special information, I will write it to the blog.

Work changes. According to the company's technical department director, my work should be focused on Android platform development. Because the company has developed its own android3.0 tablet, there are already primary schools in Kaohsiung City in the trial use tablet computers and e-education class and homework. Therefore, the company's Android team is mainly developing electronic schoolbags and software products required by some primary school students. As well as the future Smart Home and smart TV of the company all need Android. Currently, there is a shortage of talents, so new employees will be organized for Android training.

It is better to do Android, but I will continue to pay attention to and learn other technologies.

In the future, news or new content translated by overseas websites will be recorded in the blog and shared with you.

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