Javafx ensemble Introduction

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1. javafx ensemble is developed using javafx.Program, Very powerful. It demonstrates a lot of javafx functions with the source code! This is actually very similar to demos in flex.




2. You can open it on the webpage, but it is slow, so I want to download it and deploy it on my computer.

Preview on the webpage:


Decompress the downloaded compressed file, open the command line, switch to the path, and run the following command: Java-jar ensamble. jar (the premise is that you have to configure the Java environment), haha, you can see the same effect!


3. Of course, this will not satisfy me. I want to see the ensembleSource codeWhat should I do? Although it is a netbeans project, but I love eclipse, of course, it is pilot in eclipse to try!

After trying, I found that it does not work. It lacks a dependent project sceneview, but it does not exist in the source code. I remove it from the build path and then remove jfxrt. jar is added to path, and there are two jar related to lucence

Finally, no error was reported, but an error was reported after running! It seems that a file samplesall.txt is missing.


In desperation, I still open netbeans 7.1! Open the project and report the following error:

Solution: it has already told me to create a platform for this project. The name must be the same as what it requires! Remember to start javafx and configure the SDK path.


After that, you can see small exclamation points on many files of the project. It's depressing! Let's take a look at it and find many similar problems. It seems that the javafx library has not been imported, so add it.

Click "library", add a library, create a library javafxrt, and add the JAR file. This jar is the jfxrt under the RT/lib directory in your javafx SDK. JAR file. After adding the JAR file, the project will be OK!

Right-click the project and clean up and generate the project. If there is no problem, run it! The effect is the same as the previous one! Hahaha


Hope you enjoy the world of javafx!

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