JavaFX Learning Curve Diary-1: Exploring JavaFX Scripts

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Written by SDN, a full-time author and developer John O ' Conner, this article is a candid record of his experience in learning the JavaFX scripting language. This Learning curve Diary series will be dedicated to introducing JAVAFX technology and directing beginners to start using it.

The JavaFX script was unveiled at the JavaOne conference in March 2007, and although the technology is fresh, sun and the tech community have been trying to make it a remarkable weekly advance. So now is a good time to learn this language, you can download and use it right away. Here are some nice demo apps that show JavaFX language features.

The JavaFX script is a new scripting language that developers can use to create dynamic graphical interfaces. The language provides a handy swing interface tool and JAVA2D API code base. But it does not replace swing or java2d; The goal is to make these APIs more accessible. Unlike the Java language, the language provides procedural and declarative syntax. You can use declarative methods to create rich user interfaces and add appropriate event handling and operations.

However, for beginners, let's slow down first and introduce how to get started with the JavaFX script. First, you need to do four things:

The latest JDK

Get accurate, instantly updated information

Javafxpad Demo Application

JavaFX Scripting Plug-ins integrated with the development environment

Build a Java Platform

As a developer, you don't need to worry about the applicability of JDK's platform. However, if you do not upgrade the JDK, please upgrade to Java SE 5 or Java SE 6. If you are using Solaris, Windows, or Linux, you can download the latest JDK directly from the Java SE download page. If you use Mac OS X, you can also download the latest JDK directly from the Java section of the Apple Developer connection.

Get Resources

When you experience a new environment or language, you will bump into "dead ends" or difficulties, which is what we often encounter with cutting-edge technology. To make the learning curve smoother, good documentation and examples are absolutely critical. SDN's JavaFX Technology Center, OPENJFX Project site provides the latest documentation and presentation resources you need. There are, of course, omissions in these documents, but the staff are trying to complement them. It is recommended that you immediately add these two sites to your browser's favorites, often referring to them:

SDN's JavaFX Technology Center

OPENJFX Project Site

Some people want to write a program right away, rather than reading a language specification document. Others will read the document in detail before they actually use the JavaFX script. Even if you are a short temper, please read the Language specification or Primer first. Before you can write the original "Hello, World" example, I suggest you take a look at the basic syntax, and here are some documentation for beginners:

JavaFX Script Programming Language Handbook

Getting Started with JavaFX scripting language

Using Javafxpad

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