Javafx (the first Chinese version to describe javafx books and simultaneous publishing with the English version)

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Javafx (the first Chinese version to describe javafx books and simultaneous publishing with the English version)

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[Author] (beauty) Gail Anderson; Paul Anderson [works with the author] [Translator's introduction]
[Translated by] sun Asian Globalization [same translator's work]
[Book name] Turing programming Series
[Release news agency] People's post and telecommunications Publishing House [book no.] 9787115211415
[Shelving time]
[Publication date] May August 2009 [Opening] 16

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It is published in sync with the English version.
Javafx is the first domestic library to describe in detail ..
Reveal the essence of javafx with examples...

[Content Overview]
Javafx is a rich client platform that can be used to build desktop, browser, and mobile device applications. Javafx scripting is a simple and easy-to-learn declarative scripting language that helps web developers and GUI designers better collaborate. This book will show you how to use javafx efficiently. The book consists of 10 chapters, detailing all the skills required to write a javafx script, including the basic knowledge of javafx, javafx language, javafx scenario diagram, and javafx mobile environment, how to efficiently use bindings, event handlers and animations, how to use web services, and how to use the inherited and latest UI components. Each chapter contains an example of an application that has been fully tested by javafx 1.2 ..

This book is suitable for developers with certain programming experience to learn and use, but do not require readers to be familiar with Java ....

[Directory information]

Chapter 1 javafx Entry 1
1.1 What is javafx1
1.2 javafx bundle2
1.2.1 javafx sdk2
1.2.2 netbeans ide3
1.2.3 javafx production Suite 3
1.3 obtain javafx 3
1.3.1 create a netbeans Project 4
1.3.2 edit javafx source code 7
1.3.3 compile and run 8
1.3.4 execution model 8
Chapter 4 javafx initial experience 11
2.1 javafx Introduction 11
2.2 guitartuner12
2.2.1 scenario diagram 12
2.2.2 layered scenario 14
2.3 javafx program structure 14
2.3.1 stage and scene14
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