JetBrains released Datagrip 1.0--database and the Swiss Army knife in the field of SQL

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Recently, the Czech software company JetBrains released a brand-new heavyweight Datagrip 1.0--, a Swiss Army knife in the field of database and SQL. Datagrip's predecessor 0xDBE has been released for more than a year, this is jetbrains to the vast number of users to provide a development version, each version has a certain period of use, after expiration users can download the new development version from the JetBrains website. After a long period of development, the new product Datagrip 1.0 finally came out. Similar to other products on the JetBrains product line, Datagrip also offers Windows, Linux, and Mac versions. In addition, JetBrains's other products, such as IntelliJ idea, are also integrated into the Datagrip via plug-ins, which makes it easier for developers to operate the database.

The release of Datagrip supports almost all major relational database products such as DB2, Derby, H2, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Sqllite and Sybase, and provides an easy-to-use interface Developers have little trouble getting started. There are already many database clients on the market, such as MySQL WorkBench, Toad, NaviCat, PhpMyAdmin, Sequel Pro, Sqlwave and so on, some of these existing products are free, some are charged. Not only that, many developers and database administrators have become accustomed to their own tools, then the arrival of Datagrip will bring you what kind of refreshing features?

Datagrip's release Notes read:

in the last 1.5 hours, we implemented the early Access program (EAP) for this product, when the product name was also called 0xDBE. Now it's time to launch the final version. We express our sincere gratitude to those enthusiastic participants who have positive feedback, and we look forward to Khitans the following version, so that we can make Datagrip a perfect database product together.

The main features of the Datagrip are as follows:

Provides access to the mainstream database management system

    • Heavyweight products on the market: Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 and Sybase
    • Popular products in the community: MySQL, PostgreSQL
    • Niche Products: SQLite, Apache Derby, Hypersql and H2

modifying database objects and automatically generating scripts

Datagrip provides a UI for performing operations such as creating/modifying tables, managing columns, and keys and indexes. You can immediately execute the generated code, open it in a text editor, and manipulate the DDL script directly. Datagrip provides context-aware code completion features that can help you write SQL code more quickly. Code completion can sense the table structure, foreign keys, or even database objects that are created in the code you are editing. Datagrip can detect potential bugs in the code and provide the best fix suggestions instantly. It allows you to instantly know which objects are unresolved and always provides suggestions for fixing the problem.

Write SQL efficiently and eliminate repetitive coding efforts

With Datagrip, you can write code faster with code completion features. Simply enter the name of the database object, identifier, or variable, and Datagrip will provide a matching list. Datagrip can perceive the dependency required to complete a JOIN clause, provide the type of arguments required for the function and procedure, and give the table structure of the INSERT statement. Datagrip provides a common part of live templates to generate statements, you can use the default values, or you can create new values.

Navigating between code and renaming as you type

Datagrip is able to parse the object references in the SQL file. If you rename a variable or alias, all the places where they are used are renamed accordingly. If you rename a database object in SQL, it is also renamed in the actual database. Datagrip can correctly parse all references in the SQL code and help you refactor them.

The IDE shows the use of objects (tables, columns, and so on) and also shows the variables in a dedicated view. The Navigation tool helps you select objects in various contexts, such as the editor, Mode view, and so on.

Process data and explore relationships

You can add, delete, and clone data rows through a powerful table editor. Filtering a text field allows you to view only the data you need without writing a WHERE clause. Another way to find the data you need is to use a text search. If you don't know which column contains the data you're looking for, then text search is a very useful feature. You can use regular expressions in text searches. Navigation through the foreign key data can go to the data referenced by the current row, and vice versa.

Analyze queries and compare results

When you click the Execute button, you can choose what you want Datagrip to do-execute a subquery, execute an external query, or execute the entire script. Just want to execute a specific part of the code? Just select it and execute it. Datagrip also provides an execution plan with a result set similar to the table editor, with the same options as Add/delete rows, text search, and data navigation. You can compare two result sets in the diff viewer.

Datagrip based on IntelliJ Platform, brings:

    • A text editor with multiple cursor and syntax-aware choices
    • Version control system integration: Git, Subversion, mercurial, and more
    • Plugin eco-circle: Terminal, TextMate, etc.

Interested readers can learn more about the CSV editor, charts, parametric queries, and more.

Here are some FAQs on Datagrip to help readers understand the datagrip situation:

Is Datagrip a part of the "All products" package in the form of JetBrains Toolbox?

Yes, it is both a single IDE and a part of all products. If you already have "all products", then you can use Datagrip.

Does Datagrip duplicate the functionality of the database tools in the other IDE of JetBrains?

Yes, the first version focuses on core functionality.

Can I use the SQL dialect that is not listed above in Datagrip?

Yes, the JDBC driver is the only requirement.

Is there a plan to provide storage code debugging, management tools, and NoSQL features?

Yes, we will add these features in a future release.

Can I give you feedback?

Of course! Please send us your feedback through our feedback form, Issue tracker, community forum and Twitter, which we welcome.

Once published, Datagrip has aroused wide interest in various foreign forums and discussion groups. Many people are raving about it. It is worth mentioning that, just before long ago, jetbrains updated all of its products, such as Pycharm, RubyMine, Appcode, Webstorm, and the use of a new logo, the site has been revised.

Although there are already a fair number of free database clients, JetBrains still has a lot of confidence in the datagrip of the products it offers. Interested readers can try Datagrip, which offers a 30-day free trial period. I believe it will bring you a different feeling.

JetBrains released Datagrip 1.0--database and the Swiss Army knife in the field of SQL

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