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Git after Firewall

Use Atlassian stash to create and manage git repositories, set fine-grained permissions, and collaborate on code. All of this-secure, fast, reliable, and more importantly, can be deployed behind the firewall. The Jira question keyword automatically associates the Jira question with your source code. Supports one-click browsing of code changes, tracking progress, and navigation between problems and source code.

Code hosting on the cloud

The code can be hosted in the GIT/HG library of the Bitbucket and then integrated with Jira. Bitbucket Provides Lightweight but robust code hosting solutions and advanced project management features, such as pull requests and smart submission. Its reasonable price is very suitable for small development teams.

Build notification and release management

Integrate your continuous Integration Server (such as bamboo or Jenkins) with Jira to associate the problem with the build. Bamboo allows you to view the latest build status on the Jira panel and problem view page at any time. You can use bamboo to set up one-click release management to simplify your deployment process.

Promote code review

Add the Crucible code review to your Jira workflow, and ensure that each line of code is carefully checked by experts before being published. You can start code review directly from the Jira issue page. If you find deficiencies in the review, you can quickly create corresponding subtasks. You can obtain the review status at any time on the Jira panel, project browsing interface, and question Viewing Interface.

Link the problem to the code line

Establish integration between your source code library and Jira to connect defects or development tasks in Jira with code. Use fisheye to enhance integration with configuration management tools (such as subversion, git, mercurial, perforce, and CVS ), obtain detailed code submission charts and statistics, learn about recent code changes, and browse source code.

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