Jmeter using Jmeter and Badboy for stress testing

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1. Introduction

Badboy is a recording request tool, where it is used to generate files for JMeter.

JMeter is an open-source performance testing tool written in Java that simulates attaching high loads on servers, networks, or other objects to test their ability to provide services, or to analyze the overall performance of the services they provide under different load conditions. You can use the graphical interface provided by JMeter to analyze performance metrics or test server/script/object behavior under high load conditions.

2. Download

Badboy Download Link Http://

JMeter Download Link

3. Some introduction to JMeter

1. Label: The name of the HTTP request defined

2. Samples: Indicates how many requests have been made in this test

3, Average: Average response time of access page

4. Min: Minimum response time for access pages

5. Max: Maximum response time for access pages

6. error%: Number of Wrong requests/total number of requests

7. Throughput: Number of requests completed per second

8, Kb/sec: The amount of data received per second from the server side

4. Using Badboy

In the example below, we use Iteye's login website to do a stress test.

Below, we first open babboy, then enter the URL, enter the account number, password.

Note that you can first click the Start Recording button above the menu without clicking the login button

Click Login, you can see the left column more

Re-export the JMeter file: file-> Export to JMeter.

5. Using JMeter

First, we import the above exported files on the JMeter software, and we can see the following:

Finally, we set the number of threads and run the program

Jmeter using Jmeter and Badboy for stress testing

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