KB and KB,MB and MB, explaining computer storage units in detail

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1, first, K and K case is no difference (kilo), M and M is the same

2, B is a bit, that is, a bit, B is a byte, that is, Byte, 8bit =1byte, a letter a byte, a man two bytes

3, 1024B =1KB,1024KB=1MB,1024MB=1GB,1024GB=1TB

Answer 1: Why 200M Broadband in the network transmission speed also did not reach 200M. Because b in 200Mbps is lowercase, equivalent to 25MB PS

Q-2:KB,MB,GB and Kib,mib,gib are these a meaning? No, of which KB,MB,GB is a 1000 progress unit, that is, 1000B=1KB,1000KB=1MB,1000MB=1GB, the general hard disk manufacturers are based on this unit, is a kind of cheating consumers. And Kib,mib,gib is in 1024 units, that is, 1024B =1KB,1024KB=1MB,1024MB=1GB, our operating system is the use of this, which is why we buy the hard disk inserted on the computer to display a total capacity of less than the size of the hard drive label. In real life there will also be a mix of KB and KiB, do not care.

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