Lenovo notebook computer WIN8 system boot black screen how to do?

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Lenovo notebook computer WIN8 system boot black screen how to do?


First, the hardware: power-on immediately choose to enter the BIOS to see if it will also be black screen, if also the black screen hardware failure.

Second, the System file configuration:

1, first in the start of the black screen, only the mouse case, through the CTRL+SFHIFT+ESC pull out the task manager;

2, then click on the left side of the task Manager "detailed information", showing the full panel, select the task management files---running new tasks;

3, then in the dialog box appears to select the lower right corner of the "Browse", pop-up file browsing window;

4, at this point in the file Browsing window to see the left side of the "computer", with the right mouse click on it, choose "Management";

5, pop-up "Computer Management" window, select the left side of the local Users and groups → users, on the right side will list the user of the machine;

6, create a new administrator account, and then log off, with the new user name landing, everything is normal.

Third, graphics driver: May be due to the graphics driver is not compatible with the black screen, the need to uninstall the original graphics driver, install the latest version of the compatible driver to solve.

Refer to the above method to open "management", select Device Manager, click on the display adapter, uninstall the device at the same time check the unload drive, and then reboot into the system to update the graphics driver.

System Update: Automatically updated after the incompatibility caused by black screen, need to uninstall the latest update to resolve.

Refer to the above method to open Task Manager, select the file New task run, enter "Control.exe", open the Control Panel, open the Program and function, click on the left to view the installed updates, right click Uninstall the most recent update.

V. System failure: If you try the above methods are not resolved, need to back up the data (refer to the above method to open the File Browsing window, copy backup) after the reload system or a key recovery.

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