Lenovo Win10 System How to connect the Bluetooth speaker Lenovo Notebook Connection Bluetooth speaker method

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Experimental environment:

Computer: Lenovo Zhaoyang k20-80 Notebook

Speaker: Harman Cotton Esquire mini Speaker

Operating system: Windows RS1

Note : Before connecting a Bluetooth speaker, make sure your computer has Bluetooth enabled.

1, click on the computer on the start-settings, open the System Settings window, as shown:

2, click on "Equipment", the left side of the window select "Bluetooth", the right to check and turn on the computer Bluetooth device switch, as shown:

3, press the Bluetooth speaker power on the key to open the Bluetooth speaker;

At this point the Bluetooth speaker will generally have power indicator light, indicating that the Bluetooth speaker has been opened, as shown:

4, press the Bluetooth speaker on the Bluetooth signal on the key, at this time the Bluetooth speaker on the general will have Bluetooth signal flashing, indicating that the Bluetooth speakers have entered the state to be connected.

tip: Some Bluetooth speakers do not have a separate Bluetooth on the key, the general need to long press the power button to make the Bluetooth speaker into the connecting state.

5, in the lower right corner of the screen to find the Bluetooth icon, if not found, please click the "Show hidden Icon" arrow button, and click the right mouse button, select "Add Bluetooth Device", as shown:

6, at this time in the search to the list of Bluetooth devices, you can find the icon for the speaker style of Bluetooth devices, you can also judge according to the device name for you need to connect the Bluetooth speaker, click "Pairing", as shown:

7, at this time the computer will automatically install the Bluetooth speaker device driver, just a moment, drive can be installed, the connection status into "connected";

At the same time, Bluetooth speaker on the Bluetooth signal from the previous flashing state into a constant light, that is, Bluetooth speakers have been successfully connected to the computer;

Now that the connection is complete, you can play a song or video on your computer to test whether the Bluetooth speaker will sound properly.


If the Bluetooth speaker does not sound, please use the following methods:

1, turn on the control Panel-hardware and sound-equipment and printers, find the Bluetooth speaker just connected, right-click the select Properties, switch to the "Services" tab, recommend that all service items are checked, and click OK;

2, turn on the control Panel-hardware and sound-sound, select the Play tab, by identifying information to find the corresponding Bluetooth speaker options, if the Bluetooth speaker option is not currently the default device, please right-click on the Bluetooth Speaker option "Set as Default Device";

3, if your Bluetooth speaker device also has the volume adjustment key, please hold down the volume increase key to raise the volume.

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