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Lenovo Yoga System is a very popular new concept over the last year, its unique deformation design gives the product a richer use of the form. However, the yoga 11-inch version only features fewer Windows RT systems, limiting overall play. Therefore, Lenovo this year to repackage this model, named "Yoga 11S", in the classic variant design, with the third generation of Intel Core i5 processor and a full version of the Windows 8 system, the price of 749 U.S. dollars (about 4603 yuan). So the yoga 11S, with its excellent portability and flexible experience, will regain the user's approval, and take a look at the content.

Lenovo Yoga 11S main parameter information:

Screen: 11.6-inch 1366*768 resolution

Processors and graphics cards: Intel Core I5-3339Y processor at 1.5 GHz, integrated Intel 4000 HD graphics

Memory and hard disk: 8GB memory, 256GB Solid State Drive

Operating system: Windows 8

Wireless network: 802.11b/g/n wireless network, Bluetooth 4.0

Interface: 2 USB connectors, headphone/Microphone combo jack, HDMI, two-in-one card reader

Fuselage size and Weight: 298* 204*17.2 mm, weighing 1.35 kg

Price: from USD 749 (RMB 4603)

Appearance design and details

Fuselage design, Lenovo Yoga 11S still continued the previous style, the use of high-grade composite materials, the silver roof strong and has a good touch, but also to effectively prevent the production of fingerprints and oil. In addition, the machine also has an orange style, it looks more energetic. We like Lenovo Yoga 11S's screen shaft design, it looks very strong enough to withstand the notebook for various "yoga" action. The interior of the fuselage uses a black interior, soft and delicate vertical stripes are designed, and the palmrest is comfortable to use. The entire fuselage design, we are only not very satisfied: Lenovo insisted that the power button design in front of the fuselage on the left side, not too consistent with the use of the general user habits.

Lenovo Yoga 11S Integral design

Fuselage dimensions, although Lenovo Yoga 11S adopted a more powerful Core i5 processor, but the size of the basic unchanged, still 298* 204*17.2 mm, the weight of the previous RT version of the 0.09 kg more than, completely negligible. Compared with other brands of the same size model, Acer Aspire S7 and Sony Vaio Pro 11 are lighter than Lenovo Yoga 11S, but they do not have any distortion capabilities, and Dell XPS 12 has a larger size and weight due to a larger 12.5-inch screen built into it. In total, Lenovo Yoga 11S, though not the lightest of the 11-inch super, is definitely the most versatile and has a good portability.

Lenovo Yoga 11S built its own accutype keyboard, the key shape is very unique, and provides the mainstream of the key and comfortable typing experience. In the typing test, the machine can achieve 60 letters per minute 10 refers to the input speed, more than the usual 55 words faster. The design of the touchpad is also satisfactory, with a larger area, which can be used properly, including multiple scaling and sliding gestures.

Lenovo Yoga 11S Keyboard and Touch panel design

interface, the fuselage on the right side of the design of a USB 2.0, an SD card reader, automatic rotary switch keys, a small speaker and a proprietary adapter interface; USB 3.0 ports, HDMI ports, headphone/microphone combination jacks, speakers and volume buttons are designed on the left side of the fuselage. One-click restore button and power button on the front of the laptop chassis, the screen also has a Windows button, with a flat mode to achieve the main screen function.

Lenovo Yoga 11S Fuselage interface design

In addition, Lenovo Yoga 11S also built a 720P camera, but the picture is general, the picture is darker and the details are not sharp enough. Overall, Lenovo Yoga 11S's design incorporates the elements of laptops and tablets, and the operational aspects are fully considered in the form of tablets, and industrial design is full of bright spots.

Multi-mode design

Lenovo Yoga 11S's screen shaft can rotate 360 degrees, giving it four modes of operation: notebooks, tablets, standing and tents. Notebook mode is naturally the most common, while standing mode is to flip the screen backwards, keyboard down to the use of notebooks, more suitable for small space, such as the use of the cabin; the tent pattern is similar to the one shown in the following illustration, which is analogous to adding a bracket for a tablet that is suitable for viewing a movie, but neither of these modes can use the keyboard.

Lenovo Yoga 11S with deformation design

The final flat mode is to flip the screen 360 degrees flat, you can use a tablet like that to operate Lenovo Yoga 11S, this mode will automatically shut down the keyboard, so do not worry about misoperation. In the trial process, four modes of switching are very smooth, usually in the flat mode we are using entertainment, rather than work. Initial use, you will feel the back of the keyboard concave place some discomfort, after a period of time to become accustomed to the familiar.

Screen and audio effects

Lenovo Yoga 11S has a 11.6-inch 1366*768 resolution touch screen, support 10-point touch function, the effect is very smooth. At the same time, the IPS panel also brings a very good display effect, rich and vivid color, contrast and sharpness is also very good. However, from the resolution of the Panel, it is still behind the Sony Vaio Pro 11 and other models of the 1080P Full HD resolution. We use Lenovo Yoga 11S to play the "Hobbit" trailer, the characters and scenery details are very good, and a wider perspective can also bring a good visual experience for four modes of use. In terms of brightness, Lenovo Yoga 11S has the overall brightness of 320 lux, higher than the Sony VAIO Pro 11 and other competitive models.

Lenovo Yoga 11S Screen display effect

Although Lenovo Yoga 11S has built-in Dolby Home theater V4 Sound-regulation software, it does not produce a good sound effect due to the small size of the speakers. Generally speaking, the volume performance is good, the treble clear bright, but the bass effect is not good.

Processor and video card performance

Lenovo Yoga 11S has abandoned the arm core of the Tegra 3 processor, instead using the X86 architecture of the low voltage Intel Core I5-3339Y processor, the main frequency of 1.5GHz, and equipped with 8GB memory, overall performance compared to a significant increase in the previous. We have a multitasking test of the machine, while playing high-definition online video, performing system scanning tasks, and also open a number of chrome, Firefox and IE browser tags, the computer running speed does not significantly slow down. In the PCMark 7 processor performance test, Lenovo Yoga 11S scored 3896 points, surpassing the average performance of the Ultra portable notebook, but not the Sony Vaio Pro with the Haswell core I5-4200U processor 11, not as much as the Acer Aspire S7 and Samsung 700T, which carries the core i5-3317u processor.

PCMark 7 processor Performance test scores

Notebook Transfer Performance Test

File transfer, to Lenovo Yoga 11S import 4.97GB multimedia files, only need 36 seconds to complete transmission, transmission rate is equivalent to 141.3 Mbps. The score is much higher than the average of 88.7 Mbps, but less than the competitor. In the OpenOffice Spreadsheet macro test, Lenovo Yoga 11S used 7 minutes 24 seconds to complete 20,000 contact information automatic matching, this part of the performance of lower than the average level and other competitive models, should be associated with the low frequency of the machine's ultra-low voltage processor.

3DMark 11 Graphics Performance test

Graphics, Lenovo Yoga 11S integrates with the Intel HD Graphics 4000, which can deal with High-definition video and some casual games. In the 3DMark 11 test, the score of 501 points was not only lower than other competitive models, but also lagged behind the average level. In the game of World of Warcraft, Lenovo Yoga 11S can get 30fps automatic picture frame rate at 1366*768 resolution, but it has certain usability, but after switching to high quality mode, the frame rate drops to 11fps, and the game can't run smoothly.

World of Warcraft (automatic picture) run frame rate

Thermal performance and battery life

After 15 minutes of playing online video with Lenovo Yoga 11S, the temperature near the touchpad is 25.2 degrees Celsius, and the center's bottom temperature is as high as 40.5 degrees, exceeding the comfort range of 37 degrees.

Endurance, in the use of Lenovo Yoga 11S through WiFi access, you can get 5 hours 54 minutes of use time, and the average level is very close. By contrast, Sony VAIO Pro 11, which uses the Haswell processor, can achieve a 6-hour, 23-point endurance, while Yoga 11, which is originally equipped with a Tegra 3 processor, can be used for 13 hours and 32 minutes, while the Intel processor is more powerful but has a relatively large power consumption.

Software and warranty

Lenovo Yoga 11S built-in a series of home and third party software, including Lenovo support applications using the Windows 8 interface style, built-in a lot of friendly help information, but also has the signature of a key restore function, for beginners to play a great help. Third-party apps include popular impressions of notebook touchpad, Amazon Kindle, Skype, a cute casual game and McAfee Security Advisor.

In terms of warranty, Lenovo Yoga 11S offers a one-year component and manual warranty service.

Configuration information

Our evaluation of Lenovo Yoga 11S price 999 USD (about 6140 yuan), with the 1.5GHz frequency of the Intel Core I5-3339y processor, 8GB memory, 256GB solid-state hard drive and integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000, belong to the mid-range configuration. The entry configuration for $749 (about RMB 4603) is equipped with the Intel Core I3-3229Y processor at 1.4 GHz, 4GB memory and 128GB solid-state drives.

The highest-configured version has an orange top cover, a better processor performance, an Intel Core i7-3689y processor of 1.5GHz frequency, and the other configurations are the same as the midrange model, priced at $1299 (about 7984 RMB).

Evaluation Summary

Lenovo Yoga 11S is like the combination of Yoga 13 and yoga 11, the biggest improvement is the X86 architecture of the Intel Core processor, while running a full version of the Windows 8 system, the overall performance and scope of application is better than the RT version. We also like its deformation design and comfortable keyboard, performance enhancement is more beneficial to users to use its various forms.

Of course, there is no Haswell processor is Lenovo Yoga 11S regrettable part, if not Italy deformation design, may wish to spend more than 150 dollars (about 921 yuan) to choose Sony Vaio Pro 11, it has more powerful performance and better battery life. If you want to get a detachable design, samsung Ativ Smart PC Pro 700T is also a good choice, and offers a clearer 1080P screen, and has a much longer battery life, but bulky and more expensive. In total, Lenovo Yoga 11S is suitable for users who have higher portability requirements and want more usage patterns.


· Multiple use patterns

· Excellent screen effect

· Comfortable keyboard feel

· Solid state drives with large capacity at the same price


· Power button is harder to find

· The bottom of the fuselage is calorific

· As a flat-panel experience general

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