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One of the things that interests me the most when the MAC OS X OS is upgraded is the small ones that are the key to improving OS x availability, and the more interesting things that I feel when people focus on the brand new features.

It's hard to notice some of the big improvements to Mac OS x 10.5 Leopard-time machines, spaces spaces, Stacks, cover shows, desktop look and feel, but every time the OS X OS upgrades, the only thing that interests me most is the nuances. These are the keys to improving OS X availability, and I find it more interesting when people's attention to the new features of the brand fades.

Traveling in the Apple Store, after reading the new features of more than 300 pages, and installed on the latest release of the leopard play a few days later, I summed up a list of features, including 10 unknown new features, after you also installed Leopard, a day to have a good trial.

Quick View

I know that in some of the leopard presentations, the quick look is introduced to many people as the main feature, but mainly as a cover-show accessibility feature. I've always been skeptical about the usability of the cover show until I had the chance to use it for a while, but the quick look was always my best new partner.

To safely preview a file or group of files without starting multiple applications, all I have to do is select them and click the SPACEBAR. And in Finder file searches, time machines and mail messages, and in other places, this functionality is equally valid. What could be so simple and graceful? I like this feature to be better than all the other new features.

Add attachment to ical

There are a number of commendable places in the new ical, including support for the CalDAV network calendar. I am particularly interested in the event Dropbox feature, which allows you to add multiple attachments to a meeting item and then email it to the participants to share the files with them. You can preview these files directly in ical using the Quick View feature. Even if you're just managing your own events, adding relevant files (like Google Maps, for example) means you don't have to go around searching for files when the plan comes along. Can resize partitions

In the leopard system, you can create and readjust your hard disk partitions, even when the system is running without having to erase your hard drive and start over. This feature is useful for users who need to create temporary workspaces for some projects, or for users who want Photoshop to be more efficient.

More Intelligent Uninstall

Leopard is also smarter and more intelligent in uninstalling partitions. In the past, Mac OS X would assume you wanted to uninstall all partitions on that hard drive if you wanted to uninstall a volume on a hard disk in your desktop computer. Now that you have the leopard, you have more options to uninstall the selected volume only, or you can select the entire disk. Also, if you keep pressing the control key when you uninstall the partition, it unloads the selected partition and does not eject the confirmation dialog box.

Consolidated sharing

With the new Finder Files Finder, you can easily connect to other Mac computers over the network, either with file sharing (see the volume you've visited) or through a new screen-sharing program (which can be used with ichat). The required controls are already built into your Desktop folder window. All you have to do is connect to a Mac computer so it's a great way to open up your home network for file sharing or to solve a computer problem. Also, if you have a Mac account, you can set up leopard so that you can connect to your home computer from your laptop or other remote computer when you are not at home. Boot Camp's Brotherhood

Yes, I know paralles Desktop 3 and VMware Fusion is a good choice. But I don't like windows to sully my pretty little Mac world, so I need boot Camp, thanks very much for it. Boot Camp and Leopard together as a new feature is my real concern, I can copy files in the Mac and Windows system partitions. I can say goodbye to my USB drive, and it's forever.

Print Preview

For a guy like me who uses replicators a lot, I've spent the last few years thinking about what's going on with the Print dialog box. One of the things that always puzzles me: Why do I have to print out a word or Excel file that Microsoft gives a small preview? Do I have to click the Preview button again in the Standard Preview dialog box? I don't want to start the preview to see the preview, especially since it's not really a preview. I want it in the Print dialog box. But leopard a nice big preview every time I need to print, and I don't have to complain.

A better script

Automator has two new features that can help skilled scripting people, as well as someone like me, to write more efficient scripting, and we can use scripting to do dangerous things, but not to write scripts efficiently. The "Watch Me Do" feature will record every action you make, even in programs that do not support scripting. Automator's support for variables makes it easier to create complex actions, but it also widens the range of possible actions that can occur.

Wikipedia joins the dictionary library

In leopard, Wikipedia became a fully functional part of the "dictionary" software, and it was completely Apple's look and feel. Of course, I can browse the Wikipedia website directly from Safari, but I like the neat and orderly feeling of the dictionary, which is one of my favorite OS X apps.

Switch to Windows in the background at any time

A few months ago, on the Little MacBook screen, I had a little problem, I had to switch back and forth between Microsoft Excel and Apple Safari, trying to sync some data in a Web page with an Excel workbook. In Safari, all I have to do is scroll the window and check the data. After the third time to open safari-and then exit-and then return, I said to myself, what I really need is the background system switching function. Apple did it in leopard. If you put the mouse pointer over an inactive window, you can use the trackpad or the mouse wheel to scroll the window up and down without having to click it. It's really cool.

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