LiveUpdate Adminstrator configuration Manual

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The first mode: Lua? Download updates from the LiveUpdate server on the Symantec website.

1. log on to the Lua Console

Figure 1

2. Add Symantec Endpoint protecton v11.0

Figure 2

3 .? View the source Update Server

Figure 3


4. Click "edit" in the "Update Server" column after the source node is selected, view the specific settings, and test the connectivity, as shown in ,:

Figure 4

5. Check the distribution center? (Note: distribution centers are divided into production and testing)

Figure 5

6. Edit the distribution center (production) and add the product below, as shown in figure

Figure 6

7 .? Select "edit" of the distribution center (production) for specific settings, such:

Figure 7

8 .? The configuration of the distribution center (test) is roughly the same as that of production. The root directory should be Clu-test

9. Create download and Distribution Scheduling


10. Download specific scheduling Configuration


11 .? Specific configuration of dispatching and Scheduling


Mode 2: Lua? Download updates from another internal Lua Server.


  1. Add the update package directory released by another internal Lua server.

(Note :? Input in IE? Http: // ip: Port Number/Clu-prod? You can browse and update the directory)

2. Enter the IP address and root directory of the source server (that is, another Lua server) and test whether the connection is successful!

3. The source server has been configured in the previous step. The host names filled in for distribution from this step are all current servers, for example:

4. Other configurations are the same as those in the first mode.


SEPm and SEP clients update source settings


1. If the SEPm server cannot be connected to the Internet, you can set it to update from the internal Lua (note: the setting here only specifies the update source of the SEP server and has no connection with the client), such:


Set the LiveUpdate policy to allow the client to directly obtain updates from the internal Lua without updating through SEPm.

LiveUpdate Adminstrator configuration Manual

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