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The logo design tutorial is divided into two parts: first, talk about the logo design norms and skills. Second, through a PS inside the logo design tutorial to operate.

In view of the IT tribal Exchange technology QQ group often people ask how to design logo, there is no Logo design tutorials and other issues, so the special finishing release this logo design tutorial for learning.

The logo design tutorial is divided into two parts: first, talk about the logo design norms and skills. Second, through a PS inside the logo design tutorial to operate.

  The first part: The specification and skill in logo design

Logo is a logo or trademark of the English version of the logo has the company's role of identification and promotion, through the image of the logo can let consumers remember the company's main body and brand culture. The logo logo in the network is mainly a graphic symbol used by each website to link with other websites, representing a website or a section of the website.

Now design a own logo is not a very difficult thing, as long as the observance of some corresponding design logo specifications and skills, using a convenient appropriate software, reference to other excellent logo design, spend some creativity and time, you can also design a satisfactory logo.

Logo design is undoubtedly an art form, but it is not the design of the logo people are artistic origin. Some webmaster, freelancer, design beginner or small design team, they are not specialized in logo design, but want to be able to master some of the basic logo design specifications and skills, if you belong to these people, this tutorial is just right for you.

Logo design will affect your customers or potential customers on your view, it is a façade of you, so the importance of logo design can not be underestimated, design a good logo for the marketing of a lot of color.

  Some questions about logo design

1. What is a logo?

A logo is a graphic symbol for the public to promote a company or brand. Logo can be just a graphic, can also be a combination of graphics and text or text deformation, which gives the logo creative design of great freedom.

Where should 2.logo be used?



-Business Card

-Social networks (e.g. Renren, Sina Weibo)

-Office Envelopes, notes

-Cargo List

-Office space

Basically, you can use the logo in any place you want to promote your company or brand. This means you can even put it on the surface of the car, T-shirts.

3. What software should be used to design logo?

Technically, any vector drawing software can be used to design logos. If you are in the Adobe Camp, then illustrator is a good choice, or CorelDRAW software and so on. You can also use Photoshop vector graphics to design the logo, but there is no professional vector graphics software features powerful.

Or if you haven't started entering the world of vector graphics, you can create a large size in Photoshop to design your logo. Because the scaling of bitmaps is not like the lossless scaling of vector graphs.

What are some of the mistakes that 4.logo design makes easy to make?

Many people underestimate the importance of logo design, so they won't take the time to design it, which leads to a bad logo design. Here to sort out some beginners in the design of the logo is easy to make mistakes.

Use some fonts that are visible everywhere

Color collocation is not coordinated

The design is too crowded (too much detail, color, etc.)

No personality.

It was designed to be close to the other logos.

  The specification and skill of logo design

1. Using Vector graphs

Bitmap scaling is easy to lose mass, and vector graphics can be scaled without compromising. For logo design, vector Graphics is the most appropriate. So if you haven't started learning vector graphics, give yourself a reason to start learning now. It tribal nest Online training also offers a number of software training courses, you can go to the forum to understand: http://www.blwbbs.com/thread-391032-1-1.html, there is no clear place, click Forum Customer Service QQ Consulting.

2. Do not use too many colors and fonts

This specification in many other logo design articles are mentioned, some experienced logo designers will say so, see this in the logo design is very important. Unless there are good reasons, otherwise try to avoid the logo with too much color, should keep the logo design concise. The same is true for fonts.

3. Make the logo readable

If the logo contains text, you should make sure that people can easily read these words, if the logo design contains some special important graphics, but also to make it easy to see. A logo design that cannot recognize characters and graphics will have a negative impact on marketing promotion.

4. Take time to design logo

You can't expect to design an excellent logo within one hours. Design a few more logo versions, try to use different colors and fonts, or let colleagues and friends around you to give some advice.

If your logo is designed too quickly and takes too little time, you may have to take the time to change it later. And if the logo design often changes, it will also affect people's awareness of the logo, marketing has a negative impact on the promotion.

5. Do not use photos

This should be a lot of people can understand that the photo is a bitmap, not a vector map, if used to design a logo will create a series of potential problems. The role of the photo is to provide creative, inspiration for logo design, not directly used for logo design creation.

6.logo design to be considered for placement in different places

Logo design, to consider the logo may be placed in different backgrounds, so the logo should be placed in a dark background and light background, to see whether the effect. At the same time should make a black and white version of the logo for reference. Of course, this software is very convenient to achieve.

7. Refer to other logo design to get inspiration

Design logo can not be used to do design, to refer to other people's excellent logo design works, extract some of the essence for my use. At the same time design logo, can not only notice the current design trends, to consider whether the logo design in the next few years is still available.

8. Like your own logo design

If you don't like the logo you designed, don't expect others to like it. Choose some of the fonts and colors that you think are good, and then combine your products and services, try more and spend some time until you design your favorite logo.

9. Refer to other people's feedback

Give the design-completed logo to someone you think can provide valuable advice, and listen to their views.

Maybe some of the places where you think the logo design is cool are not the same thing for others.

Maybe you think some of the logo design and your business philosophy and relevance, but others do not see this.

In a word, get some reference, avoid indulging in logo design itself, and lose the direction.

  The second part: case: Using PS design to make brand font logo art effect

The knowledge points used in the Logo design tutorial of this article are:

The use of the pen tool and the operation of the path;

The use and setting of the gradient effect;

The use of blending modes and brush tools;

1. First, let's look at the final effect:

2. Create a new canvas (CTRL + N) with a canvas size of (710*450).

3. Fill the background color with a light gray (#ededed).

4. Enter the font you need on the background, which is in the fashion of the black simplified. Raster font layer (related font material and its design logo source file, click the last line of the article to join the QQ group icon, into the group share download).

5. Cut off the parts that need to change the shape and use the Pen tool to sketch out the shapes you like, as shown below.

6. In the preceding step, continue to use pen tool styling. Please don't stop your pen tool. Until you are satisfied, as shown in the picture.

7. Paint the font (blending mode-gradient overlay) as shown in the following illustration:

Finally, use a variety of tools, such as brush tools, add your favorite graphics and high light, the logo plus shadow and other cosmetic elements.

    • PS Getting Started Tutorial

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