Mac Software Tutorial: Put your Mac desktop into an unlimited number of files

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For those who like to put all kinds of files on the desktop Mac users, such as PC6 small, every day on the above to store a variety of documents, pictures and other files, no matter how big the screen, will soon accumulate a large number of files on the desktop, but too lazy or no time to regular them, then what should be done?

Small series to recommend a special management of desktop files application Sanedesk,sanedesk can put countless desktop files into countless display, for users to switch calls at any time, and the individual files can be "moved" in different Display, in Sanedesk It has a new name called "Workspace", which is what OS X Mission Control does not currently have.

Sanedesk's main console is arranged in the Menubar, which ensures that the user can at any time through the Menubar switch menu between each Workspace to come and go freely, of course, you can in the "Edit" window to define the Workspace hotkey call, convenient. For example, you can be divided into "main screen", "Work", "Entertainment" and "miscellaneous" four Workspace like the official factory settings:

Every wokspace can change the name and hotkey:

Or you can be willful. Switch between multiple Workspace in a file or directory save location:

Sanedesk also takes into account the user experience, you can set a different wallpaper for each Workspace, but before the operation you need to open the "Handle Background" option in the settings, the last set of pictures we will mention:

Here is a diagram of the replacement wallpaper, without my mouth, look at the picture to understand:

The settings also provide a rich set of settings, such as personality Menubar icons, hotkeys for various actions, and so on:

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