Maximo-Database Configuration property Data type interpretation

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ALN: alphanumeric characters, mixed case, maximum length depends on database Oracle = 4,000 characters SQL Server = 8,000 characters DB2 = 32,672 characters amount: decimal, for currency BIGINT: large integer BLOB: A binary large object that stores JPEG, movie, or PDF in a single record within a database, rather than in an external file. CLOB: Character large integer CRYPTO: Encrypt binary encryption on screen and data in database, prompt for password cryptox: encrypt data in binary (unidirectional) encrypted database, but on screen To keep it readable. Used for passwords. Date : dates only, no time datetime: Date and Time decimal: decimals consist of integers and mantissa numbers, and the mantissa is called a fixed number of decimal places. DURATION: duration of hours display 1:30 = 1.5 hours float: Number of floating-point numbers with variable-precision fractional fraction

Maximo-Database Configuration property Data type interpretation

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