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With the continuous development of the network, the manufacturing industry is also out of the traditional business model, the network has become the core of enterprise operation. The manufacturing industry can use the network platform, not only can realize the enterprise internal information exchange and the sharing, but also may use the network power, the application in the production, thus greatly enhances the production efficiency. However, in the continuous expansion of the network architecture, network security has become the enterprise must consider the problem. While vigorously developing network construction, Shanghai Tobacco also integrates network security into strategic planning, and uses McAfee Webshield Gateway protection solutions to prevent viruses and worms from infestation.

Virus flooding causes network performance to drop

The network system of Shanghai Tobacco employs Cisco switches and routers on backbone networks, and the entire internal system uses a virtual LAN structure (VLAN). To improve the speed of information exchange and data operation, a minicomputer running UNIX system is deployed throughout the network. All other Internet terminals, however, use the current popular Microsoft operating system. At the beginning of the network system construction, the IT department of Shanghai Tobacco considered the security problem, they installed the firewall on the network, as the whole system security core protection means.

Firewall as a traditional security model, in the beginning of the listing, has been the love of enterprises, also played a certain role. However, firewalls are only a function of network access control, and attacks on viruses, worms, and other malicious code from the Internet and from external networks do not protect, especially against virus attacks such as shock waves, shock wave, and other vulnerabilities. As a result, viruses and worms spread quickly on the network of Shanghai Tobacco, which not only affects the performance of the network itself, but also brings unnecessary influence to the normal development of the business. Based on the company's business development and network security construction concept, Shanghai Tobacco decided to start from the prevention of e-mail, set up a set of anti-virus solutions.

Test contrast, Webshield becomes the core

After several well-known manufacturers of Gateway protection products simulation test, as well as some of the successful application of manufacturers analysis and evaluation, Shanghai Tobacco finally decided to adopt McAfee WebShield 3300 as its gateway protection solution of the core equipment. Talking about the reason for choosing McAfee WebShield 3300, Zhu Jili said that McAfee WebShield 3300 is a pure hardware device that performs better in performance and stability. Also, we have actually applied and tested McAfee WebShield 3300, which we all consider to be an excellent device. “

Shanghai Tobacco finally chose two McAfee WebShield 3300 Gateway Protection solutions. One is deployed at the exit of the internal mail server, and the other is deployed at the unified exit of the Internet, the front-end of the Web server. Shanghai Tobacco deploys Webshield to the front of the Web server, filtering and detecting incoming and outgoing messages, not only preventing the virus from entering the intranet, but also preventing the intrusion of spam, spyware and other malicious software; The deployment of Webshield in the front-end of the internal mail server, can be in and out of the internal network of messages for strict detection and filtering, once the virus found, it will be removed, greatly reducing the virus, worms into the enterprise internal network opportunities, thereby improving security.

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