Microsoft 3 months failed to fix 0 vulnerability was released to hackers by Google, issued an attack code to teach people how to attack

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Windows may be too many vulnerabilities, there is no time to patch the loopholes, or what Microsoft three months can not be repaired. A vulnerability 3 months did not repair, repair 100 vulnerabilities to 25 years?

In fact, open source system also has loopholes such as bash,ssh heartbeat vulnerability is not also published, and did not hear Linus issued a complaint.

Google unveiled a "proof of concept code" earlier this month, giving malicious hackers a blueprint to exploit the Microsoft Windows 8.1 operating system by exploiting the "0 vulnerability", a move that has proof-of-concept a lot of controversy. This week, Google again unveiled a loophole in the operating system.

Google's latest release of the vulnerability is a new privilege elevation vulnerability in Windows 8.1 systems. It is reported that the vulnerability also affects the 64-bit version of the Windows 7 Professional SP 1 system.
Google has given Microsoft 90 days to fix the loophole, just as it was when it was released . Microsoft had asked Google to wait until it released its security patch, but Google ignored it and still released the code, which would allow malicious hackers to exploit it. Microsoft then released a patch in Tuesday to fix the two vulnerabilities, but understandably, the company is dissatisfied with Google's move to disclose details of security breaches, as Microsoft is not only preparing patches but is also about to release them.
industry insiders point out that the details of public disclosure of security breaches prior to the release of the patch are only helpful to a very small number of people in the Internet community, and are of no benefit to the vast majority of Internet users and may even be at risk. So if Google is really dissatisfied with Microsoft's delay in releasing patches, then it should ask the media and show it the security holes it found, rather than releasing code that could be exploited by anyone.

Microsoft 3 months failed to fix 0 vulnerability was released to hackers by Google, release the attack code to teach people how to attack

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