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Microsoft certified Wuhan Test Center:

1. Wuhan Ruiqi Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Address: 6f, Lushan Hotel, no. 1, yuyu Road, Wuchang, Wuhan
Tel: (027) 87653191,87883101-1638,1398653345
Fax: (027) 87653191
2. Wuhan jiadu Microsoft Advanced Technology Training Center
Tel: 027-87878283
Fax: 027-87878025
Contact: Jiang Chuan Xi Feng Li Bu Jing Hong
Address: Room 304-305, third floor, Administration Building, Wuhan branch, Wuchang xiaohongshan Chinese Emy of Sciences

Microsoft certification test process:
1. Charges for Microsoft certification exams: RMB per rmb230 per person-time for the MCP certification series exams. Mcse RMB 340, no difference between public and self-paid, candidates can contact the test center to sign up for the exam.
2. Candidate registration:
1) You must pay before each exam registration.
2) The examination fee is 230 RMB per course. After the examination fee is paid, you will receive the examination coupon.
3) All exam vouchers are by name. The exam administrator will help you endorse your exam vouchers: Name and exam course.
4) if you are a new candidate, you need to fill in the new candidate registration form. The new candidate registration form is in both Chinese and English languages, and you need to fill in the correct name, company name, and communication method (in Chinese and English), telephone number, examination subject, time, ID card number, and other content.
5) If you have already taken the test, you only need to enter your ID number, exam subject, and exam time when registering.
3. exam schedule:
1) after determining the test time, the new examinee enters the registration form at the test place three working days in advance and shows the test coupon number.
2) If you have already taken the test, you can go to the test site one business day in advance or make an appointment by phone. The exam coupon number is displayed at the same time.
3) if you need to cancel your confirmed test, you must notify the test center two working days in advance.
4) if you fail to take the test at the specified time, your exam coupon will be deemed to have been used. The exam is rejected.
4. exam schedule:
1) on the day of the examination, you must bring your exam voucher, ID card, driver's license, and other valid photos with your ID card.
2) The examination administrator will help you fill in the examination registration form and the examination agreement. Before you enter the test room, place your belongings outside the test room, and carry the blank draft paper and pen from the test room. The test administrator will guide you into the test room.
3) after the examination, print three copies of the transcript, two of which are stamped with the stamp and strip stamp, and the other are saved by the examination room. Submit the draft at the same time.
4) if you fail to take the same test twice in a row, you will have to take the test for two weeks each time after the third test.
5. After passing the corresponding Microsoft certification exam, you will receive a certificate signed by Bill Gate within three weeks.

Certificate query Hotline: 108857-697362091833381

Exam time:
Seven days a week, from
Registration Method:
On-site registration, telephone registration, fax registration, and e-mail Registration
No matter how you register, you must provide the following information:
Examinee ID, examination language, examination number, examination time, examinee name, ID card number, valid contact method, examination name
On the day of the examination, the examinee shall carry a valid credential with his/her photo. If this is your first registration test, please register with this test center five working days in advance. To register your personal information with Sylvan, you must provide a long-term address, zip code, and phone number for mailing the Certificate in Chinese and English. If you already have an exam number, please register 3 working days in advance.



Before the examination, you must first determine the number of subjects to take the examination according to the requirements of the course for the certificate, and then register at the nearby overseas registration center, and pay the examination fee during registration. The examination must be conducted within one year after payment. Candidates can notify the examination center six weeks in advance to take the examination, you can also notify the test center to take the test within one business day before the test. If you contact the overseas registration center at least two working days before the test, you can cancel or reschedule the test. Note that registration is allowed on the day of the exam in some places, but must be performed no later than two hours before the exam.
After the registration is completed, the examinee will receive a registration and payment confirmation letter from the overseas registration center, then the examinee can contact the nearby authorization test center, while arranging the examination schedule. After the exam schedule is arranged, the examinee will receive the agreed instructions and registration process, necessary document requirements during the exam and information about the exam center location. Candidates can then take the certification test according to the above operation requirements. (Note: you can sign up for the exam without going to the Microsoft authorized training center for training)






Certification Test process
1. Determine the project to be certified and carefully consider the subjects to take the test.
2. Select a test site.
3. Register and make an appointment for the exam.
4. Take the test.

Appendix: test room rules
I. reserve an exam
Different test sites have different exam schedules. You need to select a test site based on your schedule.
After determining the test site, you need to make an appointment at the test center three or more days in advance (different test sites.
Enter the examination center's Registration Form (both Chinese and English). The fee is charged.

Ii. Examination
Candidates must carry valid creden; at least 15 minutes before entering the test room;
Candidates sign the form;
Read test rules;
Sign the examination room agreement;
Submit the draft paper, print the examination result, and stamp it;
Sign the form to exit.

Fees required for passing Microsoft certification

Currently, candidates take Microsoft certification exams in two ways: self-study or professional tutoring courses.

Fees required for self-study to take Microsoft certification exams:

1. The examination fee is USD 100 multiplied by the number of exams.
2. Teaching Material fee: $80 for two study guides and $30 for one test guide;
3. The simulated examination fee is usually provided by professional institutions, mainly to help the examinee Review
Situation for self-evaluation, the cost is 70 USD.

Fees required for attending the tutoring class and obtaining Microsoft certification:

1. The examination fee is USD 100 multiplied by the number of exams.
2. The computer training fee varies with the training fee of different institutions, ranging from free to 500 USD, average
USD 480 per subject;
3. classroom training fee. Generally, the daily fee for a classroom is between USD 300 and USD ~ Between $500, most
Microsoft subjects require five days of classroom training.

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