Microsoft released system vulnerability patches, National virus center, reminder for quick installation

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According to the National Computer Virus emergency response center, Microsoft recently released some important system vulnerability patches. Computer users need to download and install these patches in time according to their own system conditions. ProgramTo prevent malicious attacks.

Microsoft has released the vulnerability patch MS05-030: Outlook Express allows remote executionCodeVulnerabilities. Attackers can install programs on controlled computers, view, modify, or delete data, and create new accounts with the permissions of senior administrators. Today, some hackers have tried to detect the vulnerability by code, which may cause some malicious attacks. Therefore, computer users should pay special attention to downloading and installing the vulnerability patch as soon as possible to avoid malicious user attacks.

Experts from the virus emergency response center warned that the recently popular virus is the worm virus that is sent via email. The majority of users should upgrade anti-virus software and enable the "Real-time Monitoring" and "mail monitoring" functions, at the same time, pay attention to the latest news about the virus and learn about the basic characteristics of the popular virus. Be cautious when handling emails. Even emails sent by familiar addresses should not be opened at will to prevent the invasion of virus emails, prevent Damage caused by viruses. Immediately after being infected, take effective measures to disconnect the network and clear the virus. Minimize the damage caused by virus infection.

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