Mobile phone is always automatic shutdown how to solve the problem of automatic shutdown of mobile phone system

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1, confirm the battery and cell phone battery connector contact is reliable, normal. If found to be relatively loose, there is a hidden danger that causes automatic shutdown. You can use the "pad" way to improve the contact between the two, simply to squeeze the battery, do not let it shake randomly.

2, the battery inside the nickel belt or protection plate and the link between the core exists virtual welding phenomenon, will also lead to power instability, automatic shutdown. It is recommended that the battery be replaced.

3, motherboard failure, usually CPU, memory or PM (power management) problems, resulting in power supply instability, at this time need to send repair. The General people do not know, according to three packs of mobile phone, mobile phone products are 1 years of repair, if the manufacturer refused, you can call 12315 complaints or to the Consumer Association report.

4, software failure, because the software run a bug, the internal mechanism automatically determined to restart, so will find often automatic shutdown, restart. Can upgrade a version of the software to try.
Basically on the above several ~

5, mobile phone brush machine problem

Mobile phone brush function allows us to get more mobile phone use permissions and functions, but the phone brush machine may also make the phone system problems, resulting in automatic shutdown of the phone, if you are in the phone after the brush machine problems, then restore the original settings.

6, the battery has the malfunction
You can take your mobile phone to the nearest mobile repair site or mobile phone service center for testing, to see if your battery itself has been a problem, if it is your words to replace a new cell phone battery. It is free to replace the cell phone battery during the warranty period.

7, the phone has a malfunction
If the mobile phone repair site or mobile phone Service center to detect your mobile phone battery does not exist, then you can let them check your mobile phone to see if the problem is not a mobile phone, if it is a mobile phone problem to repair your phone. During the warranty period, the phone repair is free of charge.

8, the mobile phone for security scanning
If your mobile phone has been planted trojan or virus, then also very likely will always be automatic shutdown, then you have to do is to open the phone's security software to the mobile phone for a whole full scan, if the detection of Trojans and viruses immediately kill.

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