Mobile Search Advertising Prospects: Analysis of mobile search characteristics

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Article Description: Google's mobile ad revenue in 2012 will be as high as $4.5 billion, up 80% from 2011 's $2.5 billion trillion. Most of the mobile advertising revenue from the search, the future of mobile search advertising promising, through this Dongfeng, study the basic knowledge of mobile phone search.

Mobile interconnection has developed rapidly in recent years, according to Munster Munster, a senior Internet analyst abroad, that Google's mobile ad revenue in 2012 will be as high as $4.5 billion, up 80% from 2011 's $2.5 billion trillion. Most of the mobile advertising revenue from the search, the future of mobile search advertising promising, through this Dongfeng, study the basic knowledge of mobile phone search.

Mobile phone search refers to mobile device mobile phone as the terminal, the target information to find services, so that mobile phone users can at any time, anywhere to achieve high-speed, accurate access to information resources.
Compared with the PC, the handset-side hardware is more limited, the usage scene is more diverse, the interactive form is richer.
This article focuses on the analysis of mobile phone search features from four aspects:
(a) analysis of the characteristics and behavior of Chinese mobile internet users
(b) The characteristics of mobile phone search
(iii) Kano mobile phone search Demand model
(iv) Mobile phone search development direction
To explore the characteristics of mobile phone search.

(a) analysis of the characteristics and behavior of Chinese mobile internet users

1. Main features of mobile phone hardware:
• screen restrictions are obvious;
• The limitation of power endurance is obvious;
• strong portability;
• Fragmentation of equipment (platform diversity);

2 basic attributes of mobile Internet users: the overall structure tends to be balanced and mature
Compared with the overall netizen, mobile internet users more concentrated in the young group, 20-29-year-old people accounted for 36%. However, data show that the age of mobile internet users appear mature trend;
The culture of mobile internet users is low (mainly students), the proportion of senior high school education is high, and the level of Internet education is gradually improved;
At present, the income of the main mobile phone users in China is low, but the usage rate of mobile Internet of the middle and high income group grows fast;
More for one person one machine (for privacy protection, etc. have certain requirements), a small number of one person multiple machines;

3. Instant Messaging, search and information browsing are the three main activities of mobile internet users.

4. Symbian is still the mainstream operating system of Chinese mobile phone users;
Overall terminal platform, although the performance of Symbian for the Chinese mobile phone users of the mainstream operating system, but its share of the rapid decline in the Android and iOS platform rich applications to attract a large number of consumers, market share of the rapid rise in the trend.

5. Fragmentation;
The use time of mobile users is highly fragmented (e.g. bus, bank queue, etc.);
Mobile users of the use of flexible scenarios (such as home, shopping, airports, restaurants, etc.);

6. Peak effect per night, early month effect (time, flow factor);
22 points is to visit the peak, night leisure period of internet users than daytime learning, working hours of the Internet users a lot higher; the whole use of frequency and scene in line with the busy curve of the day;
Due to the user's monthly payment and other habits, the monthly users of mobile phone network traffic factors concern high, the beginning is the use of the peak, the end of the month is the use of low peak;

(b) Mobile phone search features

1 high degree of freedom (entrance mode diversification)
The diversity of portals provides a higher degree of freedom for search behavior, which provides users with the convenience and competition to compete for the user's first choice.

2 efficiency first, fast forward, fast forward
The traditional Internet of mass search in the mobile search industry is not a selling point, because of the relationship between consumption scenes and time, more accurate information is the most wanted wireless search users.
In a mobile scenario, a user searching for help or information is more urgent and purposeful, and it is impossible for users to find what they want on a page or page in the results of a search. At the same time, due to the size of the mobile phone screen, as well as the privacy of mobile media properties, the user's direct demand for search results is evident. Through the input automatic complement, the search result visualization and so on, the direct accurate present needs the answer, reduces the cognition recognition and the screening cost.
Think about the characteristics of the action device and what it can bring to the user, the handset hardware has a unique opportunity, such as Mike, camera, distance induction, gravity sensor ... The use of these hardware and software conditions, through voice, photography and other more intelligent input, feedback methods to provide users with convenience, improve the input efficiency, but also for the special people to help. For example, the iphone platform's Naver search client provides features such as photo search, voice search, and melody Search to improve efficiency.

3 Localization/Location services
The changing use of the user scene, combined with geographic services, can provide more accurate information for the search results. The core is actually a process of integrating offline resources with geographic information to integrate online. For example, in the integration of local services, Bing search function is better, Baidu search has yet to be integrated with lbs to improve;

4 Vertical/Personalized
Facing the huge consumer group and the endless consumption demand, how to quickly find the target consumers and push the products they need is the problem that the merchant needs to solve. The emergence of vertical search solves the problem of the aggregation of the target audience first. That is, through a wealth of products and services, efficient access to information to attract a large number of users. Vertical search is a certain value of information and related services for a particular field, a particular population, or a particular need. It is characterized by specialization, refinement and depth, and is committed to the comprehensive and in-depth content of information in a particular field. Public comments, where to go, a Amoy vertical search app offers more professional and efficient search results in their respective fields. For example, we search which restaurant is more delicious, the first choice is the public comments to search.
Whether the system provides or customize the adjustment, users can establish personalized access or direct to the user's habits. Functional customization aspects, such as Baidu Search app, personalized wallpaper selection, ding content for Baidu search added charm, in the face of a large number of information categories, Naver provides a quick customization;

(iii) Mobile phone search Kano model analysis

The Kano model of mobile search can be roughly studied, from three levels of customer demand: Basic requirements, expected demand and exciting demand:

(iv) Mobile phone search development direction

1 Human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence:
Speech Intelligent search, sensor based search, photo and Acceleration sensors search. Apple launched its voice aide service Siri and has been increasing accuracy, and Google has also launched the Android voice service Robin.
2 LBS, social search service
Provide reliable information based on a clear geographic location and social circle. Apple's new Passbook application will build a localized life service ecosystem that brings together the boarding cards, tickets, coupons, and membership card information that people travel and live in, and combines two-dimensional code and location navigation technology to create a localized ecosystem based on the iOS platform.
Solomo socialization model can greatly enhance the relationship between marketing and user stickiness, localization model to meet the immediate needs of consumers, mobile mode will extend the E-commerce market, the emergence of new application scenarios, more convenient and smooth consumption.
3 Customization, personalization
User needs have changed a lot. Mobile phone is the user's exclusive object, and its personalized appeal has been strengthened. The efficiency of fragmentation time requires more work from personalization and customization of products or services. The demand for "fast" is clear, providing personalized and efficient search direct and this is a powerful breakout point.
4 verticality
The huge target of vertical search the ability of customer group aggregation can effectively reduce the marketing cost of the merchant and improve the conversion rate of advertisement. In addition, most of the companies with vertical Web sites can join the Open Search Alliance, share the user search behavior database, reduce the link loss rate, and ultimately to the vertical search site and vertical industry site win-lose.
5 cloud services for searching data
Multi-terminal information synchronization, so that the user's intimate services, the search data for more effective aggregation management, cross-platform management and so on can enhance the user's mobile search results. Cloud computing for such a demand to provide technical support, the user's mobile phone search is more "cloud" the embodiment of the search data.

Understand and master the characteristics of mobile search, for the follow-up Baidu to promote the business of mobile expansion, business and customer behavior changes to make a positive response, combined with the relevant scenes, characteristics, limitations, advantages to improve the quality of search services, and grasp the opportunities of new products. In the continuous expansion of service areas, develop a better user experience value, and spread the value of the relevant Enterprise services.

China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the 29th China Internet Development Status Statistics Report
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