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I saw a very good article about Moss resources on the Internet, which was cited by the way. I have collected a lot of Chinese time today, And someone is asking about Moss's learning direction, by the way, let's talk about my Moss learning experience (experienced guys can share it with me ~~~), But I want to declare that all I have learned is about the system architecture, that is, it pro.

The first is the backbone, that is, no matter what product you want to learn from Microsoft, you must be familiar with Windows2003. It doesn't matter if you are not proficient in it, but you need to understand some low-layer principles, you must understand the domain knowledge and have a clear understanding of some basic knowledge points such as ad and DNS, then I started to learn about Moss. After all, the architecture of the basic environment is very necessary. If your domain is not properly installed, it is likely that when you install moss and SQL later, an account problem occurs. Many users have encountered this problem. For example, the user name cannot be identified during installation, this error 80% is related to AD (or you may have dropped the network cable ...), however, there are many causes, and there is no actual error in the environment. It is difficult to find the cause of the problem by describing it alone. Therefore, the basic knowledge must be solid.
With the foundation, you must have a certain understanding of SQL and IIS, because the storage, backup, release, and website creation of moss databases are related to these two products, you don't need to know much about it, but you still need to be familiar with basic operations, such as modifying site attributes and access permissions in IIS.
After learning the basics, you can start to learn about Moss. First, we will share the moss technical White Paper. Although it is in full English, there are many introductions on the moss architecture, the deployment methods and methods in various situations are very detailed. After reading this document, you can be considered as half a moss expert. Then the remaining half is implemented by you.
After you understand the definitions of three moss server farms, different installation methods, and roles of each server, and install Moss manually, then your Moss architecture capabilities are almost OK. The poor one is to design different Moss architectures based on different network environments. For example, the installation location of each service requires several wfe, and whether NLB needs to be set up.
At this point, the backbone of moss is finished, followed by the branches and branches, that is, the practical functions of moss. how to configure websites more rationally and create document libraries, list library, etc ~~~ My suggestion is to go to the moss lecture on technet. I will give you the link.
Http:// Eventid = 1032328791 & Culture = ZH-CN
Http:// Eventid = 1032328797 & Culture = ZH-CN
Http:// Eventid = 1032329740 & Culture = ZH-CN
Http:// Eventid = 1032329902 & Culture = ZH-CN
Http:// Eventid = 1032330169 & Culture = ZH-CN
Http:// Eventid = 1032331996 & Culture = ZH-CN
Http:// Eventid = 1032331998 & Culture = ZH-CN
Http:// Eventid = 1032332648 & Culture = ZH-CN
Http:// Eventid = 1032332650 & Culture = ZH-CN
Http:// Eventid = 1032333465 & Culture = ZH-CN
Http:// Eventid = 1032333468 & Culture = ZH-CN
Http:// Eventid = 1032333471 & Culture = ZH-CN
I believe that the content of these lectures can meet your requirements for moss function configuration.

But what Moss is really difficult is not the above. Moss is a platform, and it also has the development part. This part is the essence of moss, because it can meet broader requirements, it can also be integrated with other products, such as exchange, OCS, to form a unified UC, so the ability to learn this product is fast, however, it takes some time to master it ~~~ I hope you can share your learning experience with each other ~~~~

I should be an expert ~~~ Hope you can share more

Moss basic knowledge Guide
In this section, I will write down some of my basic learning experience and summary on moss during this time period. You can read this experience or use it as a book, I want to write these things into a book ~~ The update will be slow and full later

Infrastructure-based WFE Server
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Search servers for infrastructure
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Infrastructure-based ECs
Http:// Tid = 33507 & extra = Page % 3d1 & frombbs = 1

A good book on Moss is recommended ~~~ Thanks for the information provided by limin4506 ~~~~~ If you want to know about the basic architecture of moss, take a look at it ~~~

File Name: Office Sharepoint Server 2007cn-1.pdf
Description: Office Sharepoint Server 2007cn-1.pdf
: Http://

File Name: Office Sharepoint Server 2007cn -2.pdf
Description: Office Sharepoint Server 2007cn -2.pdf
: Http://

Today, when I sorted out the materials, I found a good thing. MS was uploaded by a previous brother. I forgot who it was ~~~ Thank you for your contribution ~~~ This document is suitable for beginners who want to develop and discover Moss ~~~
File Name: SharePoint 2007tutorial .rar
Description: SharePoint 2007tutorial .rar
: Http://

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