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Analysis on MPLS deployment mode of man
In its guidance on the development of communications networks in the next few years, the Ministry of Information Industry has made it clear that MPLS technology is a necessary technology for modern telecommunications IP networks, how to Make MPLS truly practical and effectively deploy the whole network MPLS is a hot topic discussed in the domestic industry. For the current IP Man, there are two typical MPLS models for deploying the entire network: build a full-network MPLS network with a vro and build a full-network MPLS network with a "router + layer-3 Switch"
Currently, medium and high-end router products in the industry support MPLS. Therefore, it is no longer difficult to build a network-wide MPLS with routers. At present, the common structure of the operator's metropolitan area network is: Router + layer-3 Switch construction mode. The whole network MPLS network should be built using a router. A new construction should be made for the current network, this is equivalent to rebuilding an ip man created by a pure router. It is relatively expensive in terms of network construction costs, and the network structure and application mode are inconsistent with the existing network structure and customer group objectives, therefore, it is difficult to achieve this in the current IP Man.
Building an ip man using a "router + layer-3 Switch" is a typical network construction mode in the industry, therefore, the full-network MPLS service in this network architecture will bring many benefits to the operation of the current network: 1. conforms to the current network structure; 2. for MPLS networks, PE is placed close to users for network management, which is easy for major VPN customers. 3. using a layer-3 Switch, PE can take into account the access of a large number of existing DSL and LAN broadband service subjects, and can access major VPN customers nearby, in line with the operating interests of the current network.
Typical application of MPLS route switches in telecom man Optimization
The IP city network of Sichuan Telecom has begun to take shape. Now, we are most concerned with how to access and develop users and flexibly carry out various value-added services, mpls vpn is undoubtedly one of the new services most attractive to customers. In particular, with a large number of ADSL numbers, it is the most attractive service to provide users with an mpls vpn based on the ADSL access method. In the early stage, the network should carry out broadband VPN services, mainly through VLAN passthrough and QinQ. A small number of VPNs can be used in this way, but with the increase of users, more and more problems are encountered: 1. A large number of L2 businesses are carried out, with poor controllability. Virus outbreaks at one point of the customer are prone to infection at other points; 2. the L2 network is too large to form loops, seriously affecting normal business development. 3. the customer's service quality is hard to be guaranteed and does not meet the expectations of major customer services; 4. vlan id is a limited resource; 5. when starting a business, each device passing through the VPN must configure data, which is not conducive to maintenance and management; 6. poor manageability, unable to meet the high reliability requirements of major customers.
For these reasons, the Sichuan Telecom city IP Man must be upgraded to a telecom-grade IP Man that fully supports mpls vpn.

The solution to the existing VPN service problems is to use the advanced mpls vpn technology to solve the problem, and make the edge of the mpls vpn domain as close as possible to the end user, reduce the number of intermediate devices for end users to access mpls vpn, and shorten the distance between L2 Networks. The specific implementation methods of VPN services for major customers are as follows: 1. the MPLS access switch T16C on each access layer node serves as the PE; 2. key Customers directly access MPLS access switch T16C through optical fiber, and establish VRF for this user on T16C. Some customers can access through L2 switches through VLAN passthrough. 3. If you only need to provide L2 channels, use L2 mpls vpn. If you have your own subnet plan, you can use layer-3 mpls vpn. Use the mpls vpn policy to control the access characteristics between nodes. 4. by starting the MPLS Traffic project to ensure the user's QoS, You can provide differentiated services based on the QOS protocol you sign for, to achieve differentiated billing.
Today, with the development of broadband IP services, the development of IP Man is faced with many optimization needs and business challenges, the full-network mpls vpn service provided by the MPLS route switch will attract a large number of major customers, provide high-QoS Services for major customers, and flexibly carry out various value-added services. The zte mpls route switch helps you win in the competition for broadband ip man services.

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