Netbeans ide 6.5 for javafx now available!

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Tags netbeans is proud to announce the availability of netbeans ide 6.5 for javafx!

Javafx 1.0 is the expressive platform for building rich Internet applications
(RIAs) with immersive media and content for Web browsers and too tops.
Javafx 1.0, developers and web designers can be quickly and easily build
Expressive RIAs that leverage the power and functionality of Java technology.
Mobile developers can also preview their applications for the javafx mobile
Platform with the new javafx mobile emulator.

Netbeans IDE is the official IDE for javafx development! Developers can
Create, test, debug and deploy javafx applications for desktop, browser and
Mobile platforms using the netbeans ide. They can take advantage of the IDE's
Superior editing and profiling capabilities to quickly write code and
Optimize their application's performance. For a quick start in javafx
Development, ready-to-run sample projects are also available. netbeans ide
For javafx is a fast and simple way to see and experience javafx Technology
In action. Download it today!

How do I get netbeans IDE for javafx?

* If netbeans ide 6.5 is already installed add javafx 1.0 through the IDE's
Update center. In the IDE, navigate to tools-> plugins and select
Checkboxes under the javafx category.

* If netbeans ide 6.5 is not already installed visit the download page and
Select the javafx download Bundle:
Http:// Cid =927012

For more information, visit:

* Netbeans IDE for javafx features
Http:// = 927012

* Netbeans IDE for javafx documentation
Http:// Cid = 927012

* Official Website

As always, we welcome and encourage feedback about your experience using
Netbeans ide. Share your thoughts on our mailing lists and forums; if you
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