Netbeans ide again won the jolt "best development environment" Award

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The last time netbeans ide 5.5 was honored, netbeans ide has been awarded Jolt "best" twice in a row

Development Environment Award.

The 18th jolt annual "best development environment" held recently in Santa Clara, California" Product At the awards ceremony, netbeans ide beat the other five shortlisted products by 6.0 and again won the "best development environment" award. At the same time, netbeans also won two categories of awards in the "productivity" Award: Web development tools and mobile Development Tool Award (the other winning product is Sun's wireless Java Development Kit 2.5.2 ).

This time, the netbeans IDE development tool has won the comments again with its more flexible and enhanced tool features than the previous version. After winning the award last year, netbeans ide made a lot of changes, including a more rapid and flexible editing environment, the new version provides comprehensive support for enterprise-level Java, C ++, Ruby, jruby, and Ruby on Rails. New features in ror include rake build tool integration, fast debugger extension of rails, debugger of pure Ruby and jruby, and support for test: unit,, auto test, rspec, and an integrated Ruby gems packaging system ).

The new version has also been improved in creating web applications and supports UML models and C/C ++ development. The new features also include a new mobile development tool (mobility tools), including a brand new visual mobile designer and a brand new game designer, as well as more related features.

Netbeans ide 6.0 was officially released in last December. The latest netbeans ide 6.0.1 is released. This version is multilingual and contains simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Brazilian Portuguese. Download and try it out.

Remarks: Software Industry Oscar-Jolt Award
The jolt award is known as the Oscar in the software industry, Technology More than 10 categories, including books, languages and development environments, framework libraries and components, and developer websites. Each category has a "shock Award" (jolt award) and three Productivity Awards ). Only after winning the jolt award can a technology product truly become the mainstream in the industry. Only after winning the jolt award can a technology book truly become a classic.

Download: netbeans ide 6.0.1


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