Nokia widget Application Development Training notes

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Nokia widget Application Development Training notes


     Today, I attended the widget development technology training conference held by Nokia in Shanghai. The Conference is located at the Spring Hotel in Paris, Shanghai, a five-star hotel with a conference room of 300 people. The coffee workshop is provided during the training, free Self-help western food provided at noon, I am a poor technical, it is really difficult to reject the temptation of food, eat three rounds in one breath, was intended to eat another round, but saw the Hotel Director's bad eyes, I had to leave it alone. The technical staff were well respected for such a high level of technical training, and Nokia was a big name!




Nokia Based on widget Technology discussion page: T = 139702

Technology Department training content PPT:

Ministry of Commerce training content PPT:'s_widgets_presentation-1.pdf




1. What is a widget?

Widgets are called widgets, such as buttons, menus, and textbox;

In Nokia mobile phones, Widgets are a small web application that uses HTML, JS, CSS, Ajax, and other technologies, A brand new method and mode for human-machine interaction application development on mobile phones;


2. What can widgets do?

In Nokia mobile phones, we can use widgets to develop the following applications:

L local man-machine interaction applications on the client, such as a single machine written in JavascriptGames

L mobile phone sensor applications, including: controlling incoming call display, camera applications, vibrations, sound, video, etc., touch screen (Nokia will launch touch screen mobile phones in the second half of 2008 );

L Internet applications, which are also the essence of Widgets. They can implement applications in the form of Yahoo Widgets. Yahoo Widgets are similar to the widgets panel on the right of the Vista operating system, so that those who did not know about mobile app developmentServerEnd page developers quickly become a highly skilled mobile client application developer. (It feels strange, but it does)

L fast application development. A small project can be launched in just a few hours;


3. What technologies are used to develop the widget technology?

Server:, JSP, asp php, HTML, JavaScript, Ajax, CSS, etc;


As long as the mobile phone supports Web runTime(WRT) environment;


4. On which mobile platforms can widgets run?

 The mobile phone of lnokia s603nd pack1 needs to be upgraded to run the widget;

Note: Nokia provides software update software to upgrade Nokia mobile phones. (do not expect to upgrade a Nokia s40 mobile phone to be as powerful as N95, which is subject to hardware restrictions)

The new lnokia s603nd pack2 and later versions support widget applications directly;

L it is said that Samsung has several mobile phones supporting the widget application;

L it is said that other mobile phones currently do not support widget applications;

Nokia has always been an industry leader. I personally think that Nokia's biggest competitor is Apple's Steve Jobs,IPhoneNokia and Nokia represent two levels, just like Microsoft'sWindows. Vs. apple's Mac OS Nokia has won more follow-up in the application development field for itself through product-level Developer support policies, countless mobile app development companies use Nokia mobile phones as the prototype when developing the first version of the product, the annual shipment of tens of millions of Nokia mobile phones has brought a good return to application development companies. Numerous Nokia mobile phone applications in turn have boosted Nokia to sell more mobile phones;


5. widgets andJ2EEOr what is the difference between Symbian development?

Although j2-symbain and symbain are developed in different languages, their development modes are similar to those of traditional winform applications.ProgramDevelopment;

Hosts and other files are not stored on the server, but distributed to the mobile phone as a client program for installation and operation; the effect of doing so is to package a WAP site into an executable Client installation package, and then distribute the WAP site to the user's mobile desktop through various promotion channels; an Internet application is no longer a bookmarkdonor an address, but also a client. The WAP client running on a user's mobile phone not only has all the properties of the WAP station, in addition, it is cool to access the underlying operations of the mobile phone system like j2's and symbain! In addition, HTML is used for formatting.CodeIt is easier to typeset and the program is more portable. (I guess there will be no transplantation problem after using Widgets. Who has seen the WAP site be transplanted ?)

In addition, you can use widgets to call other applications on the mobile phone, which cannot be implemented in j2s;


6. How to develop a widget application?

For more information, see Nokia's official website, which provides the most authoritative and comprehensive information in the world;



7. How can I quickly get help during widget development?

To become a member of nokai forum. In the past, you had to pay a membership fee of 40 thousand/year for Nokia Forum pro member membership, so that pro member can enjoy technical support of 1v1, more comprehensive data provision, prototype borrow, and business expansion support;

It is said that it is now free of charge;

Subscribe to Nokia Forum news letter to get the latest developments in technology in a timely manner. Select development platform and Technology Based on your preferences. Learn development technology and have enough information on Nokia forum;

Accelerate the development process and participate in the Chinese discussion board,


8. How to promote a widget Application

Promotion through Nokia mobile Weixin and charging by download;

See:Http:// Obtain benefits through targeted advertising and operation strategies;

Cooperating with Nokia for promotion;

Nokia has more requirements on partners. If cooperation is required, Nokia hopes that CP partners can meet the following requirements:

L innovative products;

L a new concept in the industry;

L running on Nokia platform;

L make full use of the new performance of Nokia mobile phones, such as LBS, touch UI, and widgets.

L good commercial potential

L meet local requirements

Nokia will continue to support innovative widget applications at various levels

I have prepared the above for myself. If you do not understand it correctly, please post it back and correct it. If necessary, I will fix the original document version in time to provide you with accurate information;



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