Nokia will release its first windowsphone7 mobile phone in October 26

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[CCID news] on June 14, according to foreign media reports, Nokia will display the first Nokia Windows Mobile phone to the world at the Nokia World Conference held in London on June 14.

The message was announced by Andy Lees, president of Microsoft Windows Phone. He is one of the speakers at the AsiaD conference currently in Hong Kong.

This message is consistent with Nokia's previous announcement that it will launch its first WP mobile phone to Europe this year. However, the release date is officially announced. As the number of Nokia phones used by Leeds in his speech is the number of users, Nokia may launch more than one Windows Phone.

Leeds also said Nokia's mobile phones would have differentiated hardware and software. This means that Windows Phone mango will be used in different hardware. In the past, Windows Phone 7 used similar hardware in accordance with Microsoft's technical specifications.

Nokia has cut a large number of employees recently, mainly because of poor smartphone sales. Nokia cannot afford the risk of another failure in Windows Phone. Therefore, people are eager to watch what Nokia provides for Christmas.

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